Thursday, 4 February 2010


Storm Glass ~ Maria V Snyder

With her unique magical abilities, Opal has always felt unsure of her place at Sitia's magic academy. But when the Stormdancer clan needs help, Opal's knowledge makes her the perfect choice - until the mission goes awry.

Pulling her powers in unfamiliar directions, Opal finds herself tapping into a new kind of magic as stunningly potent as it is frightening. Now Opal must deal with plotters out to destroy the Stormdancer clan, as well as a traitor in their midst.

With danger and deception rising around her, will Opal's untested abilities destroy her - or save them all?

This is the first book in Maria V Snyder's Glass series, although Opal appeared in the last in the Study series, this is her first book. We also meet some familiar names from the study series.
It follows Opal Cowan, a glassmaker with budding magical abilities. She's struggled through her first four years at the magic academy. When the Stormdancer clan need help she's called in as a glass specialist.

The characters work well together and the story flows well. The action isn't too heavy and is spread apart sufficiently to keep your interest.
I definitely recommend it. It can be carried on from the Study series or read as a standalone.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Book covers

Not being able to keep a series looking in order in my bookcase annoys me. It annoys me when a series suddenly changes to hardcover. I know this is a good thing 'cos it means the author is getting more readers which I'm happy about but from a purely selfish point of view, it ruins my pretty shelves!
It also annoys me when a book comes out a lot bigger than the others. Mary Janice Davidson's Undead series and Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series come to mind here. It's not that the books are thicker or anything, they're taller and wider so look out of place on my shelves. The main reason this bugs me is that there's no reason for doing this. It means nothing and it also makes it look like a kids book because the writing is freaking HUGE in it!
The main thing that's bugging me lately is book cover designs getting changed midway through a series. That really pisses me off. Why the sudden need to change it if there's nothing wrong with it? This is in no way an author thing since not a lot of authors have a say in the cover.
One series springing to mind right now is Kelley Armstrong's Otherworld series. Book ten has not long been released and apparently the UK publishers think it's time for a revamp ... why? I know loads of people who LOVE the UK covers, even more so than their own country's covers so why the need for a revamp? There is none!

Publisher's suck sometimes!

Monday, 1 February 2010


I eventually plan on doing some book reviews up here but for now I think I'll recommend some series to read.

The Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong
There are ten books so far and one anthology. The series is based in present time and focuses on supernaturals living in human society.

Southern Vampire series by Charlaine Harris
Anyone familiar with True Blood may know this series. But the TV programme is absolute pants so don't judge the books by that. The series is about Sookie Stackhouse who is a telepath trying to cope with the burden of being able to read people's minds. Vampires are out in the public and living amongst us, Sookie gets caught up in their business after getting involved with one of the vampires.

The Kitty series by Carrie Vaughn
Follows the werewolf named Kitty through her life as a radio presenter.

The Shifters series by Rachel Vincent
The trials of the American werecat pride. It mainly follows Faythe, the youngest child and only daughter of the Alpha.

Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs
Shifter Mercy Thompson lives a quiet life as a VW mechanic until she becomes involved with her werewolf alpha neighbour.

Morganville Vampires by Rachel Caine
The town of Morganville in America is run by vampires and only the local residents know about them. College student Claire gets accidentally caught up in the vampire politics when she attends school there.

Hollows series by Kim Harrison
Since 'The Turn', all supernaturals have been living as part of our normal society. This series follows one witch Rachel Morgan and her vampire and pixie partners.

Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead
Set in the Vampire Academy and follows Rose Hathaway, a dhampir training to guard her Moroi best friend.

That's not all but most of my favourites all in the same genre.


So I've come to realise that there are a lot of drivers in my hometown that, although they know how to make a car stop and go, they don't know how to actually drive.
The simple task of using a junction, whether leaving them or entering them, is beyond the majority of Irvine drivers.
Using a roundabout is also challenging to them. As are pedestrian crossings, amazing how many drivers I see flying over zebra crossings when there's people waiting to cross.

Is this an worldwide phenomenon?