Sunday, 23 August 2015

Country vs Country - Divergent

This one goes- UK adut, UK YA, US

Danielle:I actually like all of these covers. I liked the US covers right away, and I can honestly say I like the UK covers. I think it's really interesting that there are adult and YA covers in the UK. I like all three, but I really love the colours in the UK YA cover. I liked it the least at first, but the more I look at it, the more I like it, so I think I'll choose that one.
Julie-Anne: I have the UK YA ones but I like all these, sadly the ones I own are my least favourite of the three covers here. I really like the US one, I like that the symbol takes up most of the cover and the rest of the cover is plain enough to not steal focus but also not too plain at the same time - like the Goldilocks of book covers. Saying that, I think the adult UK one is my favourite - I seem to like black book covers, not much of a shocker to those that know me.

D: Again with the liking of all three. At first glance, I liked the adult UK version best. I love the tree, and how it looks like it's in fog (Scottish mist!) with the moonlight behind it. I do love the colours of the UK YA cover, and the leaves, but I think I'll pick UK Adult here.
J: Same here, I like all three again and again, the YA UK is my least favourite. Although not because it's not pretty, I think it's visually stunning but I do seem to prefer plainer covers. Since all the covers seem to follow the same theme, I think my comments on the first book are pretty much the same for here. I like the large symbol on the US cover and the fact that that means it has more detail to it. But I love the black, plainness of the UK adult cover so I think I have to choose that as my favourite again.

D: Allegiant was my very least favourite book in this series, and I also didn't like the cover much. I don't like the design much on the UK Adult, though I still like the design on the whole, and I definitely like it better than the US cover. I don't love the UK YA cover either, but I think I like it better than the other two. Disappointing book, disappointing covers. I'll choose UK YA.
J: Not loving the colour of the US cover here and this seems to be the first cover that the symbols don't match on US and UK adult, although the wave at the bottom is in keeping with the wave symbol on the US cover. And again, my favourite has to be UK adult.

Danielle: This was a series that I love love loved the first book of. It just gripped me from page one. I loved the unique-ness of it. I liked book two quite a lot, but didn't love it, and I pretty much hated book three. The UK covers are all really nice here, and I chose a UK cover for all three, even though I really liked the first two US covers.
Julie-Anne: I liked this series until the last book and then I thought it was a bit "Ugh" (funnily enough I feel the same about the Hunger Games trilogy, maybe it's a trilogy thing?) I definitely preferred the adult UK books over the other two and then the US come 2nd. To any readers that may be wondering about the UK adult and YA covers, this is just based on what I found online - I didn't know we had different covers until I was searching for this post and discovered the adult ones.

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Country vs Country - Delirium

Danielle: I really like the UK cover here. It's a tad on the boring side, I'll admit, but I kind of like that. The US cover is pretty, but I really dislike faces on covers (Broken record much?) So I'll choose UK here.
Julie-Anne: The UK cover is the one that I looked at first, it caught my eye more than the US. But ... are these YA? Cause the UK cover doesn't look YA. I agree that it's kind of boring but I don't like that the US cover is, like, 60% face. I also like that the UK has the title and author name separated.

D: Again, I like the simplicity of the UK cover. The colours are nice in the US, but again ... faaaces! I'll choose UK.
J: Slightly less face on the US one, maybe down to ... what, 40/45%? The colour scheme is very pretty but I prefer the overall look of the UK one.

D: Again with the simplicity, and the pretty. I like this cover. I do like that the US covers seem to all be the same model. That's always nice for consistency. I still have to go with the UK cover here.
J: And the facial % has gone back up again to about 60% again. I agree with the consistency, I like cover consistency but the US cover just doesn't sell to me. I like the plain and simple covers and this series is no different, UK for me.

Danielle: This was another one of those series' that grabbed me at page one, and kept me going all the way through. I read all three of these in one weekend. Couldn't put them down. Lauren Oliver is a really great story teller. Her other book, Before I Fall kept me interested too. The UK covers here are all really pretty. The US are nice too, but not as nice as US.
Julie-Anne: I haven't read this series but it's been on my TBR for a while now. I hadn't seen any covers so I'm glad I like the ones I'd be getting if end up buying the actual book as opposed to kindle. I have definitely noticed a trend in what type of cover I like from doing these posts. Plain and simple for the win!