Monday, 20 October 2014

Tempting Her Fake Fiancé by Julie Particka

A proposition leads to compromising positions ...
Journalist Stasia Grant needs a hero. Specifically one who will help her humiliate her ex-husband after he publicly left her for another woman. In Vegas for the biggest interview of her career, Stasia is grappling with a broken heart, her cheating ex (and the other woman), and a serious need for revenge. Her salvation comes from the most unlikely place charming and sexy-as-all-get-out action star Evan Stone.
After spending his life playing a superhero, Evan has a plan for delicious satisfaction: a fake, week-long engagement. He'll not only show Stasia's ex what he's missing but gain some sympathetic publicity to turn around his image as a player. It's win-win for them both. But neither expected the sizzling chemistry that erupts whenever they're together. Stepping out for the paparazzi, Stasia and Evan are about to pull off the performance of a lifetime ... but will they fall for their own con?

Anastasia (or Stasia) was dumped publicly and humiliatingly by her husband for another woman. She's going to the interview of a lifetime which her husband also happens to be going to - after she got him the job. When she breaks down in her interview with Evan Stone, he makes a deal - pretend to be engaged to him for the week long event. It'll help her exact revenge on her ex and it'll help his image. They never really expected to have chemistry and inevitably fall for each other.

I had such a strong Chris Evans feel from the Evan Stone character, so much so that as I was writing my first paragraph there I almost typed Chris Evans. I'm fairly certain that he's the basis of the character, he definitely gives off a strong vibe - which is no way a bad thing and I don't want it to seem like I'm saying it is, Chris Evans is an totally loveable guy and the likeness isn't too strong that you feel she's just written Chris Evans into the book. I think I felt it so much because I've been watching a lot of Chris Evans lately ..... like, a LOT!! Of course, this makes him extremely likeable and I'd definitely read more of him if I was offered.

I wasn't entirely sure I'd like Stasia from reading the blurb, I was worried she'd be a bit whiny and "Oh, woe is me", and that I'd instantly hate her. Fortunately I didn't feel that way. She's actually a very likeable character who is hurt over her ex husbands actions and wants revenge, as soon as she realises she wants revenge it's all that's on her mind. She almost talks herself out of her feelings for Evan because of her want for revenge but eventually realises she shouldn't let her anger take over her life.

A feel good story about an every day woman hooking up with a big Hollywood star and realising they've got feelings for one another. The story is short but long enough to give a back story to both characters and paces well so you don't feel anything's too rushed.

A big recommendation from me.

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