Sunday, 15 January 2012

Hidden by Kelley Armstrong

Hiking through the snow, holiday baking and playing board games by the fire – what’s not to love about an old-fashioned family Christmas?

Werewolves Elena Michaels and Clayton Danvers want to give their four-year-old twins, Kate and Logan, something their parents never had: a nice, normal holiday. No Pack responsibilities, no homicidal half-demons or power-hungry sorcerers to deal with – just the four of them, alone, at a chalet outside Ontario’s Algonquin Park.

Then a strange werewolf shows up at their door…while the town is buzzing about a young man, back from college, found half-eaten in the woods. And there’s the missing little girl ...

With all the signs pointing to a rogue mutt with a taste for human flesh, Elena and Clay have no choice but to investigate. But are they the hunters – or the hunted?

I have to say I prefer the Elena cover over the Clay cover, but I had to have the limited edition so I have the Clay cover. This is another great novella from Kelley Armstrong, when her loyal readers just don't get enough from her Otherworld series and can't wait fr the next novel, the Subterranean Press novellas make a nice little stepping stone.

This novella sees Clay and Elena trying to have a normal christmas with Kate and Logan but when a mutt shows up on their doorstep, their plans change. On doing background checks, Elena finds a story of a young boy eaten by wild dogs and a little girl going missing. She and Clay set about trying to find out more while trying to keep the whole werewolf thing a secret from Kate and Logan.

I enjoyed reading about the twins and look forward to seeing more of them in later novellas (and hopefully a book once the hiatus stops). I also liked reading more of Noah and Reese, they were introduced in Frostbitten and I believe Reese has a short story detailing his life in Australia. Any Kelley fan will love this book and it has her typical wit and writing style throughout.

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