Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Ocean's Edge by Denise Townsend

In the search for justice, she could find love and maybe a little magic

In the year since the attack that nearly killed her, Rachel has worked hard to recover despite the fact her assailant was never caught. Countless hours of self-defense training have rebuilt enough courage to approach the sea that spit her out like a piece of meat. Complete healing? Not even close.

Then Conleth, an honest-to-god selkie, emerges from the sea, offering a magical friendship that begins to unearth the carefree woman she used to be.

The first time Rachel's tiny foot connected with his balls, Jake cheered from his foetal position on the floor of his dojo. As he's coached this incredibly brave woman, he's kept to himself the growing feelings he knows she'd reject. But that hasn't stopped him from privately digging for the evidence to reopen her cold case file.

With Conleth's gentle guidance, Rachel begins to rediscover the part of herself who isn't afraid to love. Until a rose appears on her doorstep along with a cruel reminder that her attacker is still tracking her every move.

Rachel moved to her dream town but after being attacked she's found it hard to trust and has become a bit of a hermit. Conleth, feeling her pain, comes to help her regain her trust in men and also realise she can love but Rachel being seen with another man brings her attacker back out of the woodwork.

I've liked the Selkie books from Townsend so far and this one is no different. They always follow the same premise but aren't so alike to one another that it drags.

One thing I'd say about this book is that I figured out who the attacker was pretty early on and I don't know if it was meant to be obvious or if I'm just a super sleuth!! (I'm really not a super sleuth).

The books are always pretty short but Townsend does a good job of writing the character back stories. You really get into Rachel's head space because you can imagine how horrible it must be to have to live in the same town you got attacked in with your attacker and having the local police brush your case under the rug. All it took was for Conleth to help build her confidence back up so she wasn't afraid to leave the house anymore and even think about having a relationship.

I'd definitely recommend this series to anyone on the lookout for a new read.

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