Saturday, 24 January 2015

20 Questions

So I was nominated by the ladies over at Bea's Book Nook to answer 20 questions.
These questions are all inane and nonsensical and will allow you to find out very little information about me. So let's plow on!

1. How tall are you?
Umm, about 5' 4" -ish?

2. Do you have a hidden talent? If so, what?
If I do, it's hidden even to me! Lol

3. What is your biggest blog-related pet peeve?
I'm going to agree with the BBN ladies and say Rafflecopters that have a ton of work attached to them. Too many things to do makes me click away.

4. What is your biggest non-related pet peeve?
People that can't use indicators whilst driving! All cars come with them and they're attached right at the steering wheel!! No excuse but laziness.

5. What's your favourite song?
I don't have favourite songs but right now I'm loving The Devil In I by Slipknot

6. What's your favourite Etsy shop?
I kind of know what Etsy is (sort of ebay-ish but all made stuff, right?) but I've never used it

7. What's your favourite way to spend your free time when you're alone?
Netflix, YouTube, reading - any of these choices

8. What's your favourite junk food?
Ooooh, that's a toughie. I have a huge sweet tooth so generally anything chocolately will make me happy.

9. Do you have pets?
Yes. One collie/whippet called Tasia. One collie/who-knows called Taco. And one domestic long haired cat called Tinkerballa (Tink for short).

10. What are your favourite fiction and non-fiction books?
Fiction - Probably Bitten by Kelley Armstrong. Non-fiction - I'm not a huge non-fiction reader so I don't really have a favourite.

11. What's your favourite beauty product?
I don't use anything beauty product wise. Oooh, does toothpaste count??

12. When were you last embarrassed?
Last week. I was involved in a multi-car accident on some black ice and managed to stop unscathed and with minimal damage to my car but as I was exiting my car (with everyone else involved now staring at me), I instantly slid on ice and decked it.

13. If you could drink one beverage for the rest of your life, what would it be?

14. What's your favourite movie?
Another toughie. I watch a lot of movies and have lots that I adore so I'd find it difficult to pick just one favourite.

15. What were you in high school? Prom queen, nerd, cheerleader, jock, valedictorian, band geek, loner, artist, etc?
I have no idea, lol. My friends and I were the goth/skater/mosher crowd.

16. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
I'd probably say Canada so I could be near my friends.

17. PC or Mac?

18. Last romantic gesture from a crush, date, boyfriend/girlfriend?
Hmmm, neither me or my husband are big on romantic gestures but the last thing he did that made me go "aaw" was when he came home with a huge box of my favourite chocolates for me. I didn't buy them for myself 'cos they cost more than I'm usually willing to spend on chocolates. He does plenty of little things for me but I don't think they'd be considered romantic.

19. Favourite celeb?
I love Chris Pratt and Anna Faris. They seem like such a down to earth couple and aren't in the news all the time so obviously don't go out of their way to go to every event or at least don't go out of their way to be photographed at every event.

20. Which blogger do you secretly want to be best friends with?
And this is where I tell you that I don't know any blogger apart from the 3 ladies of Bea's Book Nook and of course I'd love to meet all 3 of them (technically I've already met Steph but it was so long ago now it should be repeated).

I'm supposed to nominate people but, like I stated above, I don't really know other bloggers so if you're reading this and have a blog feel free to keep it going.

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  1. It's a fun bit of silliness, isn't it? :) I keep meaning to get my passport, so I could at least get up to meet the Canad crowd too. Europe is on the list, but it might be a bit easier to get there first.