Saturday, 13 June 2015

Country vs Country - Generation Dead

Julie-Anne: I prefer the UK cover over the US one. If I have a choice between an object or a person, I'll usually go for the object. Although, I do prefer the typeface and the swirlies on the US cover. Think I'm going with UK as I prefer the overall look.
Danielle: I love the UK covers for these! The US covers were cute, but the UK are really stunning. UK definitely wins here for me.

J: Oooh, I prefer this black background over the red one for the UK cover. And I like the UK cover more than the US one. I really love the goth looking chick on the US cover, and again the typeface is nicer on US as well. But UK is my favourite again.
D: This was my favourite of the three covers in the US editions, but it doesn't add up to the UK. I love the stark contrast of the background and the flower. I agree, the typeface is nicer on the US, but the UK is better on the whole.

J: Aw, the cute wee goth chick is gone. I like how striking the flower is on the black background for the UK cover. Going to have to go with UK again.
D: This is my favourite of the three. I love the colours in the flower, and again the contrast to the solid black background. This was my least favourite of the US covers. UK definitely wins again.

Julie-Anne: This is a series I haven't read but the premise sounds very cute so I might give it a bash. I can see why the US covers are the way they are since it sounds like a YA series but, for me, the UK covers are just much prettier.
Danielle: This is a series I read and really enjoyed. They are YA, but I would consider them more upper YA. I loved the premise of this series, and I managed to pick up all the hardbacks in the sale bins. They would have been worth full price though, as I quite enjoyed them.

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