Saturday, 8 August 2015

Country vs Country - Delirium

Danielle: I really like the UK cover here. It's a tad on the boring side, I'll admit, but I kind of like that. The US cover is pretty, but I really dislike faces on covers (Broken record much?) So I'll choose UK here.
Julie-Anne: The UK cover is the one that I looked at first, it caught my eye more than the US. But ... are these YA? Cause the UK cover doesn't look YA. I agree that it's kind of boring but I don't like that the US cover is, like, 60% face. I also like that the UK has the title and author name separated.

D: Again, I like the simplicity of the UK cover. The colours are nice in the US, but again ... faaaces! I'll choose UK.
J: Slightly less face on the US one, maybe down to ... what, 40/45%? The colour scheme is very pretty but I prefer the overall look of the UK one.

D: Again with the simplicity, and the pretty. I like this cover. I do like that the US covers seem to all be the same model. That's always nice for consistency. I still have to go with the UK cover here.
J: And the facial % has gone back up again to about 60% again. I agree with the consistency, I like cover consistency but the US cover just doesn't sell to me. I like the plain and simple covers and this series is no different, UK for me.

Danielle: This was another one of those series' that grabbed me at page one, and kept me going all the way through. I read all three of these in one weekend. Couldn't put them down. Lauren Oliver is a really great story teller. Her other book, Before I Fall kept me interested too. The UK covers here are all really pretty. The US are nice too, but not as nice as US.
Julie-Anne: I haven't read this series but it's been on my TBR for a while now. I hadn't seen any covers so I'm glad I like the ones I'd be getting if end up buying the actual book as opposed to kindle. I have definitely noticed a trend in what type of cover I like from doing these posts. Plain and simple for the win!

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