Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Old before my time

Lately some of my thought have been making me feel old before my time.

Today, for example, I drove past a teenage boy with shoulder length hair but his hair was one length all round. The front of his hair was basically just hanging over his face. My first thought was "How the fuck can he see anything?" then I thought, "I don't get kids these days."
I'm not even 28 yet but sometimes feel like an OAP with some of the thoughts that run through my head about today's 'yoof'.
Later on tonight, as I was thinking "I need to blog this", I drove past another young guy with what could only be described as a reverse mohawk! He had longer hair at the sides and back with a big shaved line running right down the middle of his head. With this one my first thought was "WTF is that?"

Same goes with clothes. I get young women (well girls basically) getting in my taxi wearing barely there clothes and I find myself thinking "What is she wearing?" and "Why would she leave the house dressed like that?"

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