Monday, 2 August 2010

Waking the Witch by Kelley Armstrong

Columbus is a small, fading town, untouched by the twenty-first century. But when three young women are found dead - victims of what appear to be ritual murders - things start to get very dark, and very dangerous ...
Private investigator Savannah Levine can handle 'dark and dangerous'. As the daughter os a black witch, she has a lot of power running through her veins, and she's not afraid to use it. But her arrival in Columbus has not gone unnoticed. Savannah may think she's tracking down a murderer, but could she be the killer's next target?
Of course she could always ask her old friend (and half-demon) Adam Vasic for back-up. But Savannah has her own - very personal - reasons for keeping Adam well away from Columbus. And in any case, she can rely on her own powers. Can't she ...?

This is book 11 of the Otherworld series and, quite possibly, one of the most anticipated. Savannah Levine was introduced in Stolen (book 2) and has been involved in every book since (at least a little, to my knowledge). We've seen her grow up and now we get to see her kick ass on her own.
Paige and Lucas are on holiday when a case comes in that Savannah wants to investigate, to prove she's old enough and can handle her own responsibilities.

It's good to see Savannah has grown out of her bratty stage. We discover in this book that she is perfectly aware of the fact that she killed her own father, despite Paige trying to hide it from her and telling her it was an accident.

I thought Savannah was getting a love interest in this book as well but that didn't end too well! Although there is a nice thing happening between Adam and Savannah which most readers were hoping for, unfortunately Kelley is making us wait to find out what's happening.
There was also the start of what could be a good story about a young girl who's mother is killed, Savannah obviously feels a connection to her so decides to help her and it leads to a very open ending that had me growling (literally) in frustration. Luckily the next book is Savannah's as well.

Brilliant read as usual from Kelley Armstrong and can't wait for more.
Rating: 5 out of 5

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