Sunday, 6 March 2011

Hunting Human by Amanda E. Alvarez

For two years, Beth Williams has run from the past - and the beast that dwells inside her. She is haunted by memories of being kidnapped and the savage attack that killed her best friend. Now Beth finally thinks she's ready to move on...with Braden Edwards, a charming, irresistibly sexy man who tempts Beth to embrace the present.

But the past lurks closer than Beth realizes. Markko Bolvek, one of the werewolves who kidnapped her, has tracked her to Portland, Oregon, his pursuit fueled by a hunger for vengeance. Only Braden, a werewolf himself, senses the danger shadowing her steps. The Edwards and Bolveks have been enemies for centuries - and despite the instant connection he feels with Beth, Braden isn't sure which side of the war she's on.

With suspicion at odds with their attraction, Beth and Braden must learn to trust one another to stop Markko for good. Can Beth accept the wolf within - and love a man who embodies everything she fears?

Release Date 28th March 2011

Okay, so I wasn't even halfway through this book when I realised how difficult this review would be to write. Why difficult, you might ask? Because I loved it, and it's hard to write a review for a book you love without sounding overly gushy.

I really, really, really hope this is the first of a series. I loved the characters and the storyline and the tension .... oooh the tension! I really love a book that constantly makes you guess about the hero and heroine, the will-they-won't-they situation. He likes her but she doesn't know it, she likes him but he doesn't know it, he thinks she's a baddie, she thinks he's a baddie. I love it, even if it gets me all agitated and angry with my e-reader. Why can't they hear me talking to them? I know how you both feel but you just won't listen to me!!!! *deep breath*

Before you start thinking I'm crazy, I know they're fictional characters, but that's what makes me love a book. When the author has the ability to make me feel what they feel and get so involved I question my own sanity! I LOVE it, lol.

So yeah, it's a great book with some great characters and a really fun storyline. Let me put it this way, I read it in one day over three sittings with only breaks to eat and perform boring household chores in between. It's not very often a new (to me) author can do that to me so that's a big deal, in my head anyway.

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