Saturday, 10 March 2012

Dead to Me by Kelley Armstrong

Three twisted tales of love and relationships.

A haunted house of her own
Grisly tales and restless spirits can turn a tired old inn into a hot tourist destination. Tanya's new B&B is said to have plenty of both. And it might be more than a marketing ploy.

Dead to me
When a young woman's soon-to-be-ex-husband falls down the stairs during a fight, she knows no one will believe her. So she hides the body ... only to discover that he isn't so easily silenced.

Plan B
A Nova Scotia gallery owner and his landscape artist wife discover that an affair can be murder on a marriage, and even the best laid schemes always need a plan B.

This is going to be one of my non-review-reviews 'cos Kelley is just one of those authors that I can't say anything bad about. I love her writing and even in these (very) short stories, she still manages to write great characters and stories. So I'll just do a wee mini review of each short.

A haunted house of her own
The longest of the 3 stories, it had a kind of Amityville feel to it. There were some family murders years ago and since then there have been local stories about the house. Tanya is a sceptic but she knows how well haunted B&Bs do so she's willing to embelish if she has to. But maybe she doesn't have to.

Dead to me
The shortest tale in this anthology. A wife is being haunted by her ex-husband's ghost since she hid his body. With her divorce about to be final, she couldn't take the chance that someone would blame her for his death. But her husband refuses to be laid to rest ...

Plan B
For a short story, this has an amazingly convoluted plot and some nefarious characters. This story is what Kelley's fans are used to, she keeps you guessing until the very end. And it's what we fans love.

A must read for any Kelley fan and even those of you who are not. It only cost 77p on Kindle so what's the harm in trying it.

Amazon UK: Dead To Me

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