Thursday, 29 March 2012

Moon Rise by Marilee Brothers

Her mom's still dating losers. Her boyfriend's gone back to Mexico. Dad still hasn't told his wife and kids that she exists. At school, the drama queens and bullies still rule. But worst of all for Allie Emerson - aka the Star Seeker of an old Gypsy prophecy - is that her powers have taken a hike. She can't read minds anymore. She can't move stuff just by looking at it. The other Star Seekers are counting on her psychic gifts more than ever, and the evil Tri-marks are closing in, eager to snatch her magic moonstone necklace while she's helpless. The hot new guy at school is ready and willing to fight her battles, but he comes with some wicked baggage. Dear Diary: I'm a little worried. My new BF is a demon. Welcome again to Allie Emerson's funny, scary, amazing, and always unpredictable life, as the girl voted least likely to save the world from evil.

This is the second in the Unbidden Magic series and I'm still loving it. Allie is an extremely likeable lead, even if she is a little naive and trusting. This time round, she gets over Junior by meeting Beck (who's all geeky by day and sexy half demony by night) who turns out to be just what the moonstone ordered by healing her powers.

It bothers me that Allie's mother, Faye, is so immature. Faye has said that her life was hard and she ran away from home, so how has this not forced her to grow up? She has a teenage daughter but still acts like a kid herself, somehow Allie has grown up as a very mature teenager (or maybe this is exactly what has made her this way). But that aside, I like the little moments of mother daughter interaction we get to see, they really are very good together.

Another little annoyance is how trusting Allie is, even after her mother getting kidnapped and Allie almost getting killed in the first book, she never seems suspicious enough for my liking. If I was her and had Trimarks after me trying to do god-knows-what to get the moonstone, I'd be wary of EVERYbody.

All in all though, this is a nice addition to the Unbidden Magic series and I can't wait to read the next.

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