Saturday, 21 April 2012

If I Die by Rachel Vincent

Kaylee can see death coming. Now she must face her own.

As a teen banshee, Kaylee's blood-curdling screams are a death knell for others. Yet she never expected to see her own name at the top of the reaper's list.

Scheduled to die within days, Kaylee knows her magic can't change her fate. Worse, on top of worrying about her own demise, she needs to save mortal best friend Emma from the clutches of a deadly Netherworld creature.

As Kaylee's time on earth slips away, troubled banshee boyfriend Nash and his reaper brother Tod refuse to give up on Kaylee. They're ready to unearth murky family secrets to give her a last chance at life, as their fight to save Kaylee becomes a battle for her love.


FINALLY, Kaylee dumps Nash and gets together with Tod! As I said in my review for My Soul To Steal, I prefer Tod to Nash and, since Sabine came into the series, I've thought she and Nash should be together.

Sorry for the spoiler but that part made my day and I can't help but squee over it.

So Kaylee finds out at the beginning that she's going to die within a week after Levi "accidentally" lets Tod see the list. As she's trying to cope with that she discovers her new math teacher is an Incubus and is trying to find a suitable incubator for his demon seed. As her last days pass on earth, she has to deal with Mr Beck before he hurts Emma. In the chaos of all that she FINALLY realises Tod's feelings for her (where has she been?!) after he risks his afterlife and job to make sure her reaper stops stalking and torturing her. Nash catches them and, understandably, gets pissed.

Loved this one and I was wondering right up until the end whether Vincent would actually kill Kaylee or if she'd come up with some way to let her live. And with all the hints and near misses she was throwing in with Tod and Kaylee, I was left wondering about that until it happened. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Vincent is a great author and I can't give her books anything but praise.

Definitely a must read. Whether you've been reading the whole series and want to know what happens or even if you've never heard of the series before, I highly recommend Soul Screamers.

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