Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Wood Queen by Karen Mahoney PLUS Giveaway

Born into the mysterious world of an ancient alchemical order. Donna has always been aware of the dark feud that exists between alchemists and the fey. Her own mother - bound by a dark Faerie curse - has been confined to a hospital bed for as long as she can remember ... But now there is a chance to release her, and Donna will stop at nothing until she is free.

Armed with her own brand of powerful magic, Donna must face the fearsome Wood Queen in order to save her mother. But in the Ironwood - a place that haunts Donna's dreams - there is far greater and more dangerous magic already at work ...

The sequel to the impressive The Iron Witch sees Donna facing .... god knows what from the judges on her hearing. She doesn't know how they're going to find her or what her punishment will be for what she did in the first book. But her mother seems to get more ill and she discovers that the Wood Queen is behind her illness, to help her mother Donna must help the Wood Queen using her powers that she's not even sure about.

I didn't like this book as much as the first but it was a nice sequel and allowed the storyline to progress a bit more, it also set up the sequel nicely. We don't find out everything there is to know about Donna's new found powers so there's plenty of story still to be told, as well as the small problem of what the Wood Queen made Donna do.

I'm not entirely sure who I can and cannot trust in this series, whenever I think I can trust someone I discover that I, in fact, can't. I enjoy Mahoney's writing style and her character development. Really looking forward to the next in the series and finding out more about Donna's power.

And, as it says in the title, I'm doing a giveaway. This is for a copy of The Iron Witch and this is for a copy of the book I actually own (new and unread, it came with The Wood Queen) so it is only open to UK addresses.

All you have to do is leave a comment below with your name and email address, then I will randomly choose a winner. It's that easy ~ enjoy!

CLOSING DATE: Friday 4th May

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  2. Am I the only person around who enjoys bits of spoilers, lol! I haven't read these yet, and from the sounds of it, I am missing on some good page turners! I really enjoy reading your reviews, the way you break it down, perfect!