Sunday, 26 May 2013

Country vs Country - Jane True

Haven't done one of these in a while, Country vs Country is when I compare the American and British covers of some of my favourite series. This time round it's Nicole Peeler's Jane True series.

Above are the US covers - by far, my favourite covers. As you will see below, the UK ones are very blah. I like the cuteness of these covers & that they're whimsical - it was the cover for Tracking the Tempest that put me onto the series. I saw it and thought, "This looks like a fun series" so I researched and bought Tempest Rising.

Now, if I had seen these covers first? I might not have discovered this amazing, sexy and funny series. The UK covers don't look like they fit the series. The UK publishers need to up their game a bit to compete with the US covers, methinks.

What covers do you prefer?


  1. I definitely prefer the US covers and for exactly why you said - they are cute, fun and whimsical. The cover and the blurb are what sold me on the first book. The UK covers, I might not have bothered even reading the blurb.

    1. I would've looked right past the UK cover. It was a review of the 2nd book on Falcata Times that I saw the cover and decided to look up the series.