Monday, 3 February 2014

Conning For Keeps by Seleste deLaney

Lovers undercover... Secret Agent Marissa Jones has a gift. A con artist to the core, after deep hypnosis she can turn into someone else entirely. Marissa's gift has gotten her into hot water over the years, but now more so than ever. With her smoking hot partner by her side, she needs to convince him that not only is she her true self, but also that she can be trusted — even in spite of her past.

... or traitors to the cause? Trevor Harris has his own issues with the mission, he's got revenge to seek, a cursed painting to secure, and Marissa's sugary-sweet alter-ego to ignore. But when he releases Marissa from her mental cage and things get a little too hot, he ends up finding out what falling for a con artist really means — bigger trouble than ever before.

Marissa is a former child con artist that has been recruited by the good guys, only problem is that not all her co-workers think she's fully reformed. Trevor has to work with Marissa on this mission but he thinks she's only in it for herself, and not trusting her means keeping a close eye on her. Unfortunately, that also means being close to the woman he's been wanting for years ..... and the feelings are mutual.

This is the second book in this series by deLaney and I really enjoyed this one. I liked Marissa's background, the whole former child con artist that her parents had basically brainwashed - she will take on personality given to her under hypnosis, making her the perfect person to have on a con. Trevor's back story wasn't as interesting but held a lot of stake in the mission so he had some problems to overcome himself.

The chemistry between Trevor and Marissa is amazing! deLaney has a talent for writing awesome sex scenes. But her stuff isn't all about the sex, she also writes amazing storylines and highly likeable characters.

Definitely a recommendation for your "To read" list/pile.

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