Saturday, 2 August 2014

Wrong Time for Love by Lola Drake

Cupid decides something drastic is needed to help the once burned career-focused Raina open herself up to love. Breaking all the rules, he takes her back in time to medieval Scotland to meet the ultimate alpha male and rekindle her confidence in relationships. He doesn't plan for them to fall in love, but even Cupid can't control the passion that ensues.

The 13th century was a treacherous time, and any alpha male in that era accumulated dangerous enemies. Will Raina survive long enough to find the love of her life? Will she want that love to be her Scottish Laird or the mystery man Cupid promised her back home?

Cupid breaks all rules and takes Raina back in time to rekindle her belief in love and romance. Unfortunately she actually falls in love with Tristan, her Scottish laird. This wasn't Cupid's plan - he plans on taking her back to her own time to meet her true love once she's opened her heart to love again.

As much as I've been enjoying this series, I didn't really enjoy this one. Books set in Scotland, tend to instantly get my dislike until they change my mind - sadly this one didn't. I can't remember exactly why but I think it was just little things - like, I'm sure at one point Tristan talks about being coastal but then mentions Dundonald castle which isn't coastal. I also don't think Tristan sounds like a very Scottish name - yeah in this day and age but back then I can't imagine a name like that being used. There really was just a few little things that bugged me.

I do enjoy this series and will continue to read it as I like the multi author angle and each release having its own characters and story which don't have to relate to previous ones at all. It's just this book in particular that doesn't get my love.

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