Saturday, 11 July 2015

Country vs Country - Downside Ghosts

Julie-Anne: I kind of like both of these covers. The UK one seems to fit the title with the ghostly look of the smoke. Of course, for all I know the smoke is actually smoke - I've not read this series. The US one has a lot happening but I like the overall look (minus the one on her face). I think I prefer UK due to the simplicity, the US one has a lot to focus on.
Danielle: I also like both of these covers. The US does have a lot going on, I agree, but I am intrigued about the ink on her skin. I haven't read these books, so I don't know if there is something to that, or if it's just cover design. I like how it looks like maybe a soul is being released from her mouth on the UK cover. I also like the simplicity. I'm not a fan of faces on covers, so I'll choose UK here.

J: OK so unless she smokes out of her fingers, I'm guessing the smoke isn't actually smoke. I like the colours on the US one and there's not as much background mess. Her face doesn't bug me as much in this one but I'm still not keen on the whole full frontal thing. But saying that, I think I'll go for US.
D: I think it's kind of cool that it looks like her fingers are wisping away. Though I can't say I love the rest of the cover. The colours on the US cover are really pretty, and I like the stained glass in the background. No, I don't love the face shot, but I do still like that cover better. I choose US.

J: First sign of tattoos on the UK cover and still more of that smoke - I need to read these books just to see what the significance is. I really, really don't like the colour of the US one, although I still like the overall look. I'm going to go with UK since I really don't like the colour of the US.
D: I'm really not a fan of either cover. Neither do anything to draw me in, and make me want to read this series. I'm not really sure which to pick, as neither really have any redeeming qualities for me. I think I'll choose US again, facial shot be damned. Hee hee, I said damned. :D

J: I checked and checked this one before deciding that yes, it seems like the publisher was changing covers partway through the series. It's the same cover, just more in the background of the US and the positioning of the model. I'm going to go UK just because there is more blurring on the US model.
D: Hmm. In this case, it really has to come down to which has better detailing. I prefer the typeface on the UK, though I do like the little star detailing in the C's on the US. I do not like the yellow, and I don't think we needed the streetscape. I'll choose UK here as well.

J: The UK publishers are sticking with the different covers but they've moved away from using the same image as US. I like that the model on the US isn't full frontal anymore, hopefully it stays that way. I don't really like the expression on the UK model's face so I'm going to go for US.
D: Strange that they would have the same cover for just one book. I don't care for either of them, but I prefer the simplicity of the UK. I don't care for either facial expression, but I am glad that it isn't full frontal at least. I don't know which to pick! Eenie meenie miny mo ... UK.

Julie-Anne: As I've said, I haven't read this series. I liked the original UK covers and it will always bug me why publishers change them partway through a series. Do the people that make these decisions not have book collections of their own? Do they not realise the upset this can cause to bibliophiles? I may pick this series up, as I said up there ^^, the smoke thing intrigues me.
Danielle: I agree about the changing covers. So frustrating. I also dislike when books change from paperback to hardback. I understand it's better for the author, but I so dislike my covers changing partway through. I also have not read this series, and I'm honestly not sure the covers have done enough to convince me to give them a try. The ink and the smoke also intrigues me, but I just don't know how much.

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