Saturday, 25 July 2015

Country vs Country - Guild Hunter

Danielle: I saw these covers and knew I had to comment on them. The UK covers are some of my favourite that I've ever seen. These covers alone make me want to read this series. I love everything about it. UK is a definite huge win for me here!
Julie-Anne: I think I saw these covers in Waterstones before and loved them, there's really no contest between UK and US here. I don't like the typeface on the US one and just what is the woman looking at so intensely? She looks kinda confused. UK for sure.

D: I don't love this UK cover as much as I did the first one, but I still love it a million times more than the US cover. I love the purple.
J: I agree that the purple isn't as good, it doesn't stand out as much as the first one but the cover is still very pretty. I really like the typeface for the UK books. The chick on the US one has some tight clothes on! I thought it was just her trousers but her top is very tight as well. They don't look comfortable, of course neither does the position she's crouched in atop what looks to be a very high perch. Again, UK for me.

D: Again, I love the colour of the the UK cover, even if I don't love the wings. The US cover is all right here. I don't love it, and I'm not sure it would draw me in. The UK would for sure.
J: Wow, that US one is bad! She looks too fake. The blue on the UK is still a bit washed out looking compared to the first book - that red really popped and, even though they're all similar in theme, I'm not liking the paler colours as much but I still prefer the UK one over the US.

D: Still finding no love for the US covers, but still loving the UK. The colours is really pretty, and these wings are really pretty too.
J: The wings on the UK are intriguing me, I need to see what these books are all about. The US cover is very cheesy and the typeface really comes across as 80s action movie. UK again, no question.

D: Getting back to loving the wings. I like that just the wings are purple, instead of the whole cover. I still love when the whole cover is coloured, but this is really pretty too. The US is nice, but a little too "fantasy" looking for me, and since I'm not a fantasy reader, I think I would likely pass by it in the store.
J: As much as this UK is another paler cover, I think the colour of the wings makes it pretty. The US covers seem to be getting worse. Obviously wings are a theme since they have them on both UK and US covers (of course, the titles should clue me in on that too). I agree about the fantasy look, the US covers are ones I would definitely look over in a book shop if not actively avoid. UK again.

D: The wings on the UK cover are so unique and interesting. I love them. The colour on the US is pretty, and the girl is pretty in a very Barbie-doll way, but still not a big draw for me. Definitely UK.
J: Oooh, I like the red wings on the UK cover, they really pop. And hey, tight clothes wearing chick is back! She still looks uncomfortable. Obviously going with UK again on this one.

D: More interesting and beautiful wings here again. I love that they seem to have spikes on them as well. The colour is gorgeous, the wings are gorgeous. Love it. The US is just very blah to me. Perhaps if I didn't see it next to the UK, I would have liked it. It still isn't enough to draw me in.
J: The US one looks really cartoony this time, what's up with that? And the UK cover is a little different from the others, there seems to be more body this time. And I agree that the wings are very pretty. Going to be UK again.

D: This is the US cover I like best in this series, though I still love the UK more. I am really fan of the wings on these covers, and this one is no exception. UK for me.
J: As annoying as I find cover changes, this new US cover is much nicer than the rest of the series. But ... I still prefer the UK cover.

Danielle: This is a series I have never read. The UK covers make me want to look them up and see if they're something I would be interested in. The US covers do not. At all. Based on the US covers, this is a series that I would have to have had highly recommended to me before I'd try them at all. The UK covers are amazing.
Julie-Anne: I've not read this series but I want to read it. Those UK covers are very intriguing and they definitely make me want to pick them up. UK covers are gorgeous and definitely a clear winner.

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