Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Otherworld Secrets by Kelley Armstrong

This short story collection from internationally bestselling author Kelley Armstrong will feature tales about her witches and sorcerers - some of her most popular and fascinating characters. From Paige and Lucas to Savannah and her black witch mother Eve, these stories will enchant fans and new readers alike ...

Life After Theft
Karl Marsten has given retired as a thief so he can raise his daughter as an honest man, but someone wants to pull him back into it.
I enjoyed this, Karl's always a fun guy to read. The only thing that ruins it is Hope, she's my least favourite.

Morgan Walsh gets caught up in trouble as he's on his way to meet with the American pack and Elena & Clay have to go help him out.
A re-read for me, I bought the book from Subterranean Press when it was released. I like Morgan and it's fun to read from his POV.

Eve's angel duties get prolonged as she's called on by the Fates to help deal with a Djinn outbreak.
Another re-read of a Subterranean Press book. Eve's a fantastic character to head a book, she's kick ass and awesome.

Zen and the Art of Vampirism
Zoe uses her wits to handle a couple of vampires that want to take over her territory.
I loved Zoe from when we first met her in Broken, she just has a great voice and attitude.

The Ungrateful Dead
Jaime gets harassed by a ghost and gets help from Savannah to teach him a lesson.
I liked this one, I mean it was okay. I like Savannah but Jaime I can take or leave.

Counterfeit Magic
Paige and Savannah go undercover in a supernatural fighting ring to solve some unusual deaths.
Click here to read my review of Counterfeit Magic.

I love Kelley's work and I'm glad her short stories are being released as anthologies because I missed some of them when they were in multi-author books.
I recommend this to any fans of Kelley or the Otherworld but only if you've read previous books, there are spoilers.

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Amazon UK: Otherworld Secrets

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