Sunday, 29 May 2011

Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead

It all comes down to now.
The queen is dead and the moroi world will never be the same.
Rose Hathaway is awaiting wrongful execution and there exists only one man who can stall this terrible fate. Rose must look to both Dimitri and Adrian, the two great loves of her life, to find him.
With her best friend, Lissa, in a deadly struggle for the royal throne, the girls find themselves forced to rely upon enemies and questioning those they thought they could trust ...
But what if true freedom means sacrificing the most important thing of all?
Each other.

The latest and final installment in the Vampire Academy series. The series, in reading order is: Vampire Academy, Frostbite, Shadow Kiss, Blood Promise, Spirit Bound and then Last Sacrifice. The series has followed Rose and Lissa as they grow up and graduate and deal with multiple problems. Rose's are normally Guardian related while Lissa's are royalty or Spirit related. If you haven't read the rest of the series, I suggest you stop reading this (there will be spoilers to previous books) and go read them.

So Rose is the main character but since she's spirit bound to Lissa, she's normally in the books a fair bit too. This book focuses on Lissa trying to prove Rose is innocent and also deal with the new queen or king getting voted for. Problems are raised with Lissa being the last Dragomir (as far as anyone is concerned) and Lissa and friends decide to try and stall the new royal vote to buy Rose more time.

Meanwhile Rose still has a letter from Queen Tatiana revealing that Lissa is not in fact the last Dragomir, she has a sibling out there somewhere. Rose needs to find this sibling so that Lissa can take her rightful place on the royal council and help change the Moroi and Dhampir world for the better. This isn't as easy as it sounds as any records of said child have been erased and no-one seems to know anything. It's a race against time for both of them.

I liked this book, but it definitely wasn't my favourite. I like the characters in this series and always have, Rose is brilliant but stubborn and can sometimes be a pain in the ass. The same can also be said about Lissa though, she always seems a bit ditzy but she's not. I never understood why she was written this way. I also haven't entirely made up my mind yet about whether I liked the ending or not, I think a re-erad of all the books back-to-back is in order.

My main problem with this book has absolutely nothing to with the actual story, characters or author. In my copy of Last Sacrifice there are a hell of a lot of mistakes, simple mistakes that should have been caught in the editing process. One or two annoys me enough as it is but there were a lot more than one or two and it really started to get on my nerves.

Even though Vampire Academy is now finished, Richelle Mead has started on a spin off called Bloodlines. This features different characters from the original series as main characters and she has stated that it's a new storyline and not just a rehashing of an old story. It should be released in August and I'm looking forward to reading it.

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