Friday, 27 July 2012

Ocean's Surrender by Denise Townsend

When a lonely woman has lost all trust, it takes an otherworldly creature to restore her faith in mankind.

River is still recovering from the attack by an ex-boyfriend a year ago that left him dead, and her grievously injured. Damaged emotionally and physically, she is continually tormented by her attacker’s brother, who blames her for it all. Worse than his blame, though, is her own—River believes she was at fault for letting the attack happen.

Fen can sense River’s emotional pain like a beacon in the night. A selkie, he is compelled to help her on her path to healing, both emotionally and physically. Leading her on a journey to claim her own strength, he also helps her draw closer to Leo, the paramedic who saved her life that dark day…and who has never forgotten her.

River was attacked by her boyfriend a year ago and died, she was brought back to life by Leo, her attacker died and her brother got put in jail for his murder. Since then she'd felt guilty about making her brother look like a monster in front of the rest of the town. Fen is drawn to her pain and guilt to help her overcome it, and he does so in a VERY interesting way!

As much as I liked River, I sort of grew bored of her guilt. She was too "Oh what have I done?" for my liking, so I was glad when she eventually realised that what happened had fuck all to do with her. OK, so she needed a man to help her do this but it's better than nothing.

I really love her brother, Jason is just a big gentle giant that saved his sister's life. In doing so he broke her attacker's neck but I think that can be overlooked since it was a case of he would have killed his sister if he didn't. But he has to live with knowing that what he did is what's making his sister guilty and a bit of a shut in. She doesn't go out and enjoy herself, doesn't have friends and she holds the one guy she has feelings for at arms length 'cos she's afraid to trust anyone.

In short, the book was a fun, light read. Unfortunately I have no empathy for the whole "it was my fault" mentality of some women and it made me not connect to the main character. But I enjoyed the story, how Fen got her to finally tell what had happened and then FINALLY realise it wasn't her fault and getting her to trust again. So it's definitely worth a read.

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