Thursday, 5 July 2012

Soul Protector by Misty Evans

The secret to redemption lies in their souls...

Dr. Nathan Hunter has forty-eight hours to save his job and find the missing Salt Coast Clan, a lost civilization locals believe is a myth. When ancient human remains turn up at the site of a new state water project along the Oregon Coast, he's sure the lost tribe is real. Before he can examine the bones, however, a pretty female lawyer gets an injunction to stop him.

Nila Willopah sees ghosts. After failing to help a young boy cross over to the afterlife seven years ago, she hung up her shaman's cape, left her family, and went to college to pursue a law degree. Three days before the bar exam, she's summoned home by her grandfather to defend a sacred burial ground from a billion dollar state water project.

Although her soul is in danger from the spirits unearthed at the site, Nila is the one person who can stop the project and protect her ancestors' last resting place from Dr. Hunter. She's also the only one who can help the angry spirits cross over.

Nila suspects the sexy anthropologist is hiding a dark secret behind his clear blue eyes and skilled hands. A secret she wants nothing to do with. But when one of the ghosts latches onto his soul, Nila must set aside her fears and suspicions and once again enter the world of spirit communication to protect him.

Even if saving his soul means sacrificing her own.

I really enjoyed Soul Survivor and my unanswered question is finally answered. The answer is new characters! But Keva and Rife do actually appear in this story as well so we don't have to completely give them up. Although Nila and Nathan are just as good a couple as Keva and Rife.

Nathan has been searching for the Salt Coast Clan since he was a child - literally, his dad was searching for it and he was always in tow. As he got older, he discredited his dad's theory about the tribe and he still feels guilty about it. and now he thinks he's found it, in the grounds of a building site. Nila is brought in to act as the overseer for her tribe but is actually there to use her shaman powers to help the souls cross over. Unfortunately, neither of them realise the souls are as angry as they are or that they're exceptionally interested in not just Nila, but also Nathan.

I really enjoy Evans' writing style, it just flows so nicely and her characters are very well written. You actually get to know them and their history. I very muchly recommend this series, but start with Soul Survivor - although the stories aren't tied together as such but I just think it makes sense to start from where the author planned.

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