Saturday, 21 March 2015

Country vs Country - Darkness Rising

Julie-Anne: Both these covers are very pretty so this is actually a tough choice for me. I like the blue on the US cover but I don't like that her face is all blue as well, I also don't like that the earring is all blingy. Admittedly it's been a while since I've read this book but I thought Maya was a bit of a tomboy and therefore can't see her wearing this dangly thing in her ear. I like the detail on the UK cover and the green, although the cover model doesn't seem quite right for Maya. Pushed to pick, I'm going for UK.
Danielle: I like both covers quite a lot. I think US ekes out the win for me though. I love the blue (even on her face). She has a kind of wild quality to her that I really loved. I admit the model on the UK cover looks a little more like how I pictured Maya, with the rounder, younger looking face though. I also don't love the earring. The US publishers for this entire series had a thing with jewelry. The Darkest Powers part of this series had the same problem with the ever changing amulet on the covers. I pick US here though.
J: But the amulet at least played a role in the Darkest Powers story.
D: Only because Kelley felt she had to add it. The original story had nothing to do with one.

J: The colouring on the US cover isn't as strong as the first one although the cover model looks too old for me, and again with the earring. Again I like the detail on the UK cover, I do prefer the layout of the UK better than US. I'm going with UK on this one
D: I honestly don't care for either cover here. The US plays against my dislike of facial shots, but I don't really like the UK person in a person motif. I feel like they were trying to make a point with it, since it's on all three covers, but I think it missed the mark. I agree that the US model is too old for Maya. This girl could pass for 19-22 easily. Maya is supposed to have a sort of soft quality about her. This model also lacks the ethnicity it should have. Still, I choose US.

J: I like that all 3 covers are following the same theme, and I'm glad that the US covers decided to tone back the colouring after the first book. And I do like that UK are changing the colour up from cover to cover. Again, I'm going with UK.
D: Yes, all three covers follow a theme, and they all go together, which I appreciate. Nothing worse than covers going in a different direction mid-way. Both covers have facial shots, but I like the appearance on the whole of the US cover better.

Danielle: This series was another winner for me. Kelley Armstrong is one of my favourite authors, so she doesn't normally disappoint me. I loved the characters in this series, I loved the intrigue, I love the action. I gave this series to my daughter to read, and she loved them all too. Though I think we both preferred the Darkest Powers to Darkness Rising. Both are excellent though.
Julie-Anne: I love all things Kelley Armstrong and these books were no different. I also prefer the Darkest Powers books, I like Maya just as much as I liked Chloe but I much prefer Derek over Daniel (so much so that I actually had to ask Danielle what Daniel's name was, I'd totally forgotten).
Danielle: I liked Daniel actually. And I was most definitely Team Derek.

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