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Country vs Country - Kitty Norville

Julie-Anne: This is one I already know the US is my favourite. There's a reason I bought mine form instead of UK - I do not like the UK covers! I don't exactly know why, maybe it's her face? Or how there's 2 different typefaces for the title and a 3rd for author name.
Danielle: I didn't mind the US cover, but I actually like the UK better. Though I will admit the change in fonts is troublesome. They could have at least had the author's name in the same font as "And The Midnight Hour". I like the colours, and the background on the UK better than on the US. The US cover looks like it could be in Kim Harrison's Rachel Morgan series. This book could be "Rachel and the Midnight Hour". Though I don't remember Kitty being a blonde. I'll admit, I only read the first 1 and ¾ books.

J: I like that UK has a clue to Washington (never been so I honestly don't know what building that is but it looks kinda parliamentary). I like how the US kept to the theme of the radio show. US again.
D: I think that building is the United States Capitol. Definitely parliamentary. I also like the nod to Washington in the UK cover. I don't like the red wash over the US cover, and Again, this could be "Rachel Goes To Washington". I'm picking UK again.

J: Not much I can continue to say here, still not a fan of the UK covers. I like the wolf in the US one, although I'm not a fan of the model's pose. US still wins though.
D: I am picking UK here again. The US cover is too much yellow-y orange for me, and the wolf just looks like it was added as an afterthought. At least the US cover doesn't look like a Rachel Morgan book as much here.

J: I like the darkness of the US cover and I like that the wolf is still there. US again.
D: Aaaaand back to "Rachel and the Silver Bullet". Not a fan. I do like that a wolf is in there, but again, it looks to me like an add in. The UK cover is a bit strange for me, and holy side-boob, but I still choose UK here.

J: UK cover is slightly better, at least she's not staring full on into the camera. I have read this one (still got some catching up to do) but I haven't read it in a while and I cannot think of the significance of the tiger right now - I need to re-read soon. Even though yellow isn't my favourite colour, I still prefer the US cover.
D: That is a loooooot of yellow. I have not read this book (as I said, I stopped part-way through book 2), so I don't know if Vegas in the background has something to do with the book or not. I'm assuming it does. Maybe that's what the tiger is about on the US? There are tigers at the Mirage.

J: Is it my imagination or as that tattoo on her back gotten bigger since the last cover? Still much prefer the US over the UK, though the UK are getting nicer.
D: The US looks like they can't decide what colour of hair Kitty should have. It looked dark in the beginning, then reddish, then blonde, now it looks back to reddish brown. I also agree about the tattoo. It looks like it's changed some in every cover it's showing. Maybe that's the UK's way of having a wolf on the cover? I don't remember if she has a tattoo or not. I honestly don't really care for either cover, but I'll pick UK, as I'm not a fan of how the US is put together.

J: I love the colour of the US cover as well as her top. I still don't understand why the UK cover needs so many different typefaces. US wins again.
D: I agree. I like the format and consistency of the typeface on the US, but I like the font in the UK "Kitty" better. I think I'll stick with UK here, since I still feel like the US has been cut and pasted together.

J: Again, not a fan of the yellow but I like that there seems to be a pack on the US cover now. Also, am I seeing things or could this possibly be the same cover model? US again.
D: I think you're right. She definitely looks like she could be the same model. The nose looks the same. I'm picking UK again, mostly because I think having Kitty wear a camo top on the "Goes to War" cover is over-the-top cheese.

J: This time I'm loving the colour in the UK one and I've only just clicked that the title colour matches the background on the cover. As much as I hate the different typefaces, I think I'll pick UK this time. Not just because of the colour but I don't like the US model's face in this one.
D: Agreed. Her face looks weird. She looks a little like a misshapen Tara Reid. No thanks. It's funny how the UK cover has her wearing a nice top/dress/whatever it is, and the US cover has her in an old holey t-shirt. UK for me.

J: I've seen a lot of books with "first time in print" on the cover, why do publishing companies feel the need to put this on their books? Isn't all that info usually in the inside? I don't need it on my covers. I haven't read this one but I guess they're in London, that looks like Big Ben on the US cover - which gets my vote again.
D: "Rachel Morgan Steals the Show". Only Rachel is blonde and in London. Meh. Is that still London behind her on the UK cover? I thought it was Washington again, but the US cover definitely has Big Ben on it. I still choose UK, though I wish she had Big Ben, as I recognize it better.
J: I don't have a clue what the building is on the UK cover, but it does look like Washington again.

J: Yay, the covers are the same now!! I won't need to buy from anymore (and pay the massive international delivery charge). And thank god they stuck with the US covers since they're the ones I own and the ones I prefer.
D: I'm really just not in love with the US covers for the series at all. I do like that her face is more in shadow, so it leaves a little more to the imagination. I choose UK here though. Wait...

J: Not read this one so I don't get the lion. Now I know I don't need to pay international delivery, I really need to get caught up on this series, I need to know the reason about the lion.
D: I do like the lion here. She's really pretty. And what is with the "First time in print" nonsense? Were these previously available in ebook only, or online only or something?
J: As far as I know these all come out in actual book form immediately which is why I don't understand the "First time in print".

J: First cover without Kitty on it but it's still a fan favourite, Cormac. I kinda like this guy for Cormac, he reminds me of someone famous but I can't think who. I'm assuming that's Kitty in the background?
D: He does totally look like someone! It's going to bug me now. I take it this book isn't actually about Kitty? The dude is cute though.
J: Yeah, this book is actually about Cormac as the main character. Although I'm assuming Kitty will still be in it in some form.

J: The last book in the series and, sadly, a bit of a lacklustre cover for it. I mean, it's good that Kitty has a pack surrounding her but she kind of fades away on the cover between the huge title and moon.
D: I also felt she was overpowered by her surroundings. She looks really small and insignificant. I'm sure it was meant that way, but still.

Julie-Anne: I love this series and the only reason I'm behind is purely the fact I have to get my covers from overseas. There's a few series I have that problem with. But I did love this one and I really need to re-read and catch up.
Danielle: This was a series I started, and then stopped partway through a book. I don't remember why, but I honestly think one of the earlier Ward books came out (I'm thinking Z's book, actually) and I couldn't wait to read it. I kind of wish I hadn't stopped, but at the same time, I think they just didn't grab me like they should have. I think I left book 2 (or possibly book 3) with less than 50 pages to the end. I also let someone borrow the next book in the series, and I never got it back. Another reason I didn't finish. I'm not sure if this is one I'll ever try again with or not.

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  1. For the most part I prefer the US covers. The font on the UK covers is just too weird. I have read all of the Kitty books and the quality of the stories really varies. Low Midnight is 96% Cormac and friend (no spoilers) and 4% Kitty and Ben. I read about halfway through the Harrison series before giving up, but I just don't see the resemblance to Rachel. Those covers are pure Kitty. As for the lion on the cover of Kitty in the Underworld, yes, you need to read it to see the significance. Not my fave story but important to the overall story arc.

    This is a fun feature. I enjoy reading even though I rarely comment.