Saturday, 6 November 2010

Alpha by Rachel Vincent


Everything is about to change for werecat Faythe when her father is ousted from the council that controls their secret world. And a shocking tragedy jeopardises her future as Alpha of her pride.

Now a rebel on the run, Faythe's biggest fight lies ahead. Old allies from the supernatural world are ready to stnad by her side. And weretoms Marc and Jace would give their very souls in the duel for Faythe's heart ...

Yet as their enemies draw near Faythe knows that she - and she alone - can lead the pride into what may be their final battle.

I can say one word to sum up this fantastic finale to the Shifters series and that word is ..... WOW!!!!
I'm so sad to see the series ending but what an ending!!
Faythe has had a lot to deal with and she and her pridemates have still not really avenged Ethan's death so they're still looking for payback for that. As well as all the other crap that's happened to Faythe and her pride throughout the series.

One thing I love about Faythe is she can kick ass with the best of them but Rachel doesn't write her as "my heroine is the best and always comes out on top". She doesn't always come out on top, she does lose on occasion and she can screw up, which I love.

There's not a lot I can say about Alpha without giving too much away and I hate reading spoilers. I read one about Alpha that made me sad but luckily it didn't ruin the book for me, and the particular scene that got spoiled for me was just as heartfelt and meaningful for me evern though I knew it was coming.

All in all, Shifters is a great series by a great author and Alpha is an awesome ending to that series. A must read.


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