Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Trust me, I'm a Vet by Cathy Woodman

City vet Maz Harwood has learned the hard way that love and work don't mix. So when an old friend asks her to look after her Devonshire practice for six months, Maz decided running away is her only option.

But country life is tricker than she feared. It's bad enough she has to deal with comatose hamsters, bowel-troubled dogs and precious prize-winning cats, without having to contend with disgruntled competition and a stubborn neighbour who's threatening to sue over an overzealous fur cut!

Worse still, she discovers Otter House Veterinary Clinic needs mending as much as her broken heart. Thank goodness there's an unsuitable distraction, even if he is the competition's deliciously dashing son ...

Not normally the type of books I would read but the word vet made me pick it up. As a qualified Veterinary Nurse, I'm normally a bit wary of books featuring animals but I discovered that the author is a fully qualified small animals Vet so it eased me.

Maz is a likeable character and you feel for her and understand her need to move. I like the sound of Talyton, the town the book is set in. It's quiet and small but has the typical small town feel that books and films like to give them. Everyone knows everyone and what's going on everywhere.

A nice change of pace for me and nice little return to the world of Vet practice, even if it's fake! Typical little chick lit book with romance and such, an easy read.


Book depository: Trust Me, I'm A Vet
Amazon UK: Trust Me, I'm a Vet

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