Thursday, 11 November 2010

The Meeting

So I wrote this wee story years ago, and I do mean years ago! I think I wrote it when I was in secondary school so definitely over 10 years. Since I'm sort of considering trying to pick up one of my old story ideas, I thought I'd post this one here first.

Feel free to rip it apart!

Andrea sat in the café sipping her coffee waiting for her friend to show up, Sharon was always late. Andrea had chosen Inverness as their weekend break this time; she loved it in the Highlands. She spent all year working in an office in Glasgow and loved her weekends away with her old friend from secondary school, it was the only time they got to spend together since Sharon moved down to England with her husband. Every year in September they went away for a long weekend, alternating each year as to who got to choose the destination. Sharon normally chose somewhere in England and Andrea normally chose Scotland.
Andrea looked at her watch, half an hour had passed. She caught the waitress’s eye and waved her over.
“Can I have another coffee please? White, no sugar.”
“Sure, can I get you anything else while you’re waiting?”
“I suppose I could have a slice of that Carrot cake since you asked.”
The waitress laughed, “I’ll bring it right over.”
Andrea sighed and stretched over the table to look out at the road again, checking for Sharon’s car. Just as she was about to lean back, she spotted her white Ford Fiesta pull in to the car park. She shook her head laughing as Sharon got out the car looking harassed.
Sharon came through the door and paused, looking for Andrea. Andrea waved to catch her attention and Sharon headed in her direction.
“I’m so sorry I’m late. There were roadworks.."She waved her arm about in the air “I don’t know…somewhere. Then I took a wrong turning and it took me ages to get back on the right road again. Anyway, I made it finally.” Sharon said as she hugged Andrea, “So how are you?”
Just then the waitress came back with Andrea’s coffee and carrot cake, she looked at Sharon, “Can I get you anything?”
“That looks good; I’ll have the same, only I’ll have 2 sugars in my coffee, thanks”
The waitress nodded and went to get Sharon’s order.
“So,” Sharon said “How are things? How’s Paul?”
Andrea sighed, “Paul and I have broken up.”
“When? Last time I spoke to you, you were doing great.”
“That was over a month ago. I found out he’s been seeing a woman from his work.”
“Oh hon, I’m sorry” Sharon took Andrea’s hand.
Andrea shook her head, “Don’t be, I’d known for ages there was something going on with him but I just couldn’t figure out what. I saw him three weeks ago out at dinner with her when he was supposed to be working.”
“Well, I never liked him anyway.” Sharon replied with a small smile on her face.
“Yes you did. You loved him.”
“No, I only put up with him for you. I despised the man” She said jokingly.
The waitress set Sharon’s order on the table.
Sharon looked up and smiled, “Thanks.” The waitress smiled and left.
“So, what are we up to this weekend?”
“Well,” Andrea started “we’re going to this gorgeous B&B first to drop off our stuff. Then I have a weekend of sweaty, hard work planned.”
Sharon groaned “Why do we have to go on activity weekends with you? My weekends are nice and relaxing.”
“That’s ‘cos you’re nice and boring. You know this is how I relax.”
“Funny way to relax if you ask me.”
“Stop whining, it’ll be fun. Besides, it’s probably the only exercise you get since we left school.”
Sharon looked at her out the side of her eyes and drank her coffee.
They both sat in silence while they ate their cakes. It may seem strange to people that two old friends who only see one another once a year wouldn’t be talking non stop, but that was why Andrea and Sharon were such good friends. They didn’t have to talk to one another all the time; they just enjoyed each others company.
Sharon stood up, “I have to go to the bathroom, and I’ve been in that car for hours.”
Andrea watched as she walked to the bathroom, noticing the stares she was getting from the few men in the café. It didn’t matter what age they were, Sharon had always been noticed wherever they went. That’s why she’d gotten married so young, she and Alex had started going out in secondary school. She hadn’t noticed him of course, but he’d been trying to ask her out for months, he finally plucked up the courage to ask Andrea if she would ask her. They’d been together ever since.
Andrea turned back to her coffee and took a drink. Just then the door opened and a man came in. He sat at the table next to Andrea and ordered a drink. Andrea couldn’t help but stare at him; he had jet black hair and gorgeous dark green eyes. He was athletically built but not too muscular. He must have felt her eyes on him and turned to look at her. Andrea turned away quickly, embarrassed that she’d been caught staring.
“I’m Derek.”
Andrea turned; the man was looking at her. “I’m Andrea. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to stare.”
“It’s okay, I’m used to it.” He flicked his eyes up in a pointing gesture.
Andrea followed his gaze and realised that every other person in the café was staring at him in an odd confusion. The ones that noticed Andrea staring looked away but the others just kept on staring.
“Why are they all staring at you like that?” Andrea asked
“Most people do, it’s as if they all get this feeling they know me and they’re all trying to place me in their heads. So you don’t sound like you come from around here.”
“I live in Glasgow. I’m here for the weekend with my friend. How about you? You don’t seem to belong here either.”
“I’m just passing through on my way between jobs. I’m heading to Inverness.”
“That’s where we’re going. I love it there.”
“I’ve been a few times, it’s nice.” He drank his coffee in one quick gulp. “Well, I’d better be going, no rest for the wicked.”
“Tell me about it.”
“It was nice meeting you Andrea; maybe I’ll see you in Inverness.”
“Yeah, ‘bye.”
He put money on the table and left.
Sharon came back to the table, “Who was the hunk?”
“I don’t know. Derek something.” Andrea said, distracted. She had a feeling she’d met him before, and would probably be seeing him again.

Derek pulled two watches from his pocket and looked at the faces. He didn’t get this new technology thing; still the watches were more reliable that the old egg timers. He’d never get used to all the changes in the world; he still refused to give up his horse. He put the watches with Andrea and Sharon’s name on them back in his pocket and mounted his horse. Andrea was going to regret booking an activity holiday this year. He tapped his horse on her side, she walked forward before they both disappeared into the mist.

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