Monday, 6 December 2010

Grave Secret by Charlaine Harris

When she was 15, Harper Connelly was struck by lightning. She's left with headaches and episodes of muscle weakness. Sometimes her right hand shakes.

And she can find dead people.

It's taken a few years, but Harper's made a success of her life. She's making a living, using her talent to help people, and she's got a boyfriend - her stepbrother Tolliver. Then Tolliver's father arrives, seeking forgiveness, and the police get information that Harper's sister Cameron, missing for so many years, has been spotted. So Harper's life is becoming a little complicated, but she doesn't expect these complications to include Tolliver getting shot, or seeing a policeman die taking a bullet for her.

Harper can find dead people - but now it's clear someone wants her dead ...

The fourth Harper Connelly book sees Harper and Tolliver deal with the fallout of An Ice Cold Grave's events and also coming out officially as a couple to friends and family. They're still trying to see more of their sisters and are still hoping to set up a home nearby so they can be more involved in their lives.

Charlaine Harris has a real nice writing style, not all her chapters end on cliff hangers but I can't seem to help myself from page turning (even if I've told myself I'm going to bed after this chapter!). Her characters are normal and relatable which helps to like them and follow their lives.

With Harper and Tolliver being back in Dallas, old friends and family emerge and, of course, thoughts about Cameron. Harper has always been convinced that Cameron is dead and she'd one day find her but an anonymous tip about a sighting in Texarkana still gets her hopes up about the possibility of her being alive.

We get a bit more insight into what happened before, during and after Cameron's disappearance and see some more of what Harper and Tolliver's childhood years were like.

The major letdown with this book, for me, was the ending. It seemed rushed and kind of thrown together. Also it felt very much like the whole story is being wrapped up and I'm wondering if this is, in fact, the last in the series.


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  1. Good review! I felt the same about this book. A decent series, but she's got so much going on with Sookie's series, plus the Aurora Teagarden series, I also felt like this one got set aside.