Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Maneater: a werewolf's tale by Thomas Emson

She's not sweet. She's not nice.

She doesn't fight evil. She doesn't protect the weak. She doesn't serve humanity. She doesn't work in an office by day and have a secret identity by night. She doesn't have friends and family who know nothing about her but when they find out they love her anyway. She's not cool. She's not clever. She's not kind to animals. She won't help children, the elderly, and those less fortunate than herself.

In fact, she doesn't care. But if you hurt her, she will kill you. Actually, she'll do worse than that -

Meet Laura. She'll eat you alive.

So even just going by the blurb you can tell this chick ain't gonna be painted as a lovely family woman who had some terrible accident and got turned into a werewolf. She's a bitch. Literally! She has few friends and no family.

I loved this book ... well ..... I would have if it didn't have so many spelling errors and typos in it. That really puts me off! So as it is I liked it very much.

Unfortunately, with this blurb, there's not a whole lot for me to say without giving anything away. Let's just say it doesn't fall in line with the more recent werewolf books. It's kind of confusing to read purely because it's told from everyone's point of view. There's no outright narrator in this and sometimes it takes a few sentences to even work out who you're currently reading.

Definitely a must read for all werewolf fans. It's Thomas Emson's first English novel but I'm going to be on the lookout for more.


Book Depository: Maneater
Amazon UK: Maneater

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