Thursday, 9 December 2010

Ghost of Vampire Present by Seleste deLaney

Jocelyn has finally found her knight in shining armor in Chad, and ghosts are the last thing on her mind. Even when one shows up in her bedroom on Christmas Eve, Jocelyn's a bit more concerned about the other guests on the agenda. She'd prefer to never see another vampire, and the ghost tells her to expect not one, but three.

When the one from her past shows up even though he's supposed to be dead, she decides she's dreaming and suffers through the night. By the time dawn breaks, she's not so sure anymore.

But if it's not a dream that means her nightmare is far from over.

Sequel to Of Course I Try in which Jocelyn has her own twisted Christmas Carol.

I liked this more than Of Course I Try purely because I like Chad more. Yes, I'm fickle that way but I don't care. He's better looking and not as jerky as Max, I know I may be quick to judge since we've only had 2 shorts so far but I'm basing it on what we've learned so far and how they've both come across and I'm totally Team Chad.

I can't wait to read a full length Blood Kissed novel (hint, hint).


Amazon UK: The Ghost of Vampire Present


  1. I have (counts on fingers)6 days before I can get my hands on this! Team Chad, huh? I dunno' I liked Max a lot. I can't wait to see if this changes my mind.

  2. I'm Team Max all the way! I read the first book and edited this one for Seleste. Dear Reviewer - your wish will be fulfilled with a novel. I just hope I get to edit it. Seleste is an amazing writer!

  3. Shoot I have to go buy this one right away. Congrats Seleste. You know how I fell for Max in Of Course I Try, which may say some things about me lol.

  4. Thanks for the review of Seleste's wonderful short. (I'm team Max). lol

    @Decadent Publishing

  5. LOL the teams are coming out already! Eep. I have to say, I love both my guys for different reasons :) Thanks again for the awesome review!