Friday, 24 December 2010

Once In A Full Moon by Ellen Schreiber

Celeste hangs with the popular crowd at Legend's Run High and is being wooed by Nash Hunter, the football quarterback, but doesn't really feel that she belongs. She only comes in contact with the new and enigmatic student, Brandon Maddox, when she passes him in classes, the hallway, and at lunch, but she suspects there is something different about him other than that he is a Westsider and comes from the wrong side of town.

On a dare, Celeste and her friends go to a psychic's shop for a reading. When it is Celeste's turn for a fortune, the psychic grabs Celeste's hands and warns, "Beware of a kiss under the full moon." Celeste and her friends laugh and mock the fortune teller. But on her way home from their outing, Celeste is blinded by a blizzard. Disoriented, she finds herself deep in the woods bordering town. She is overcome by snowfall and unable to see anything. Above her hovers the glow of a full moon. Just then, she sees beady eyes staring back through the falling flakes. She finds herself in the midst of a pack of hungry wolves. The wolves begin to howl. She can't outrun them, and the shortest tree branch is out of reach. They slowly approach her. At the last moment, a stranger pulls her from the hungry pack. He grabs a branch and fights the pack of wolves until they retreat. In the scuffle the stranger is bitten. It is Brandon Maddox.

Celeste is enamored by her hero and can't get him out of her mind. Where Nash is a hero on the field and court, Brandon is a hero in reality. Celeste steals away from her friends to find Brandon, and they meet on a hilltop near his home. A cloudy sky lingers above them, and Celeste realizes she has fallen in love with a Westsider. But in the next few moments, Celeste will face an even bigger challenge than falling for a guy from the wrong side of town. As the two lean in to kiss, the clouds pass, exposing the glow of a full moon. Brandon feels strange and pulls away. Something is about to change-him.

Release Date 28/12/10

Nicely written wee Young Adult story. I liked Celeste but couldn't figure out why she was friends with her friends. They are very different and Celeste knows this but is still best friends with them. In real life, I'd like to think she'd have more common sense.

I really hope this is the start of a series because the book felt unfinished. It seemed to end really abruptly, without explanation. The story has definitely been left wide open so there's potential for a series here.

Wasn't too keen on her take on werewolves but I suppose that's what makes werewolf and vampire books good reads - every one is different. I'd suggest this for a light wee read, it's very short but sweet.


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