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Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs: Part 1

So I started a re-read of the Mercy Thompson series and rather than review each book individually, I decided to do it in 3 parts. The third part being a review of the new book, River Marked, which is out in March.

So, on with the show.

Moon Called
Mercedes Thompson runs a garage in the Tri-cities. She's a mechanic - and a damn good one - who spends her spare time karate training and tinkering with a VW bus that happens to belong to a vampire. Her next-door neighbour is an alpha werewolf - literally, the leader of the pack. And Mercy herself is a shapeshifter, sister to coyotes. As such, she's tolerated by the wolves but definitely down the pecking order. As long as she keeps her eyes down and remembers her place, the pack will leave her in peace.

Hardly a normal situation, but then, Mercy Thompson is not exactly a normal young lady ... and her connection to the world of things that go bump in the night is about to get her into a whole lot of trouble.

I believe I picked this book up purely because it was 3 for 2 in Waterstones and I had to find a 3rd book. I'd never heard of Patricia Briggs before but I liked the sound of the story and I'm glad I picked it up because the series has fast become one of my favourites.

I liked the characters straight away (except Adam but he grows on me in a later book). Mercy is a great heroine, she wants to live her life quietly and work in her garage but she's quick to fight to help her friends. Although we only meet Bran (the Marrok) for a little while, you can't help but love him. Samuel I liked more than Adam but again it wasn't an immediate thing.

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Blood Bound
Mercy Thompson; woken at 3am by a vampire. Stefan also happens to be a friend, and he needs her help. He has to deliver a message to a fellow undead, and needs a witness that won't be noticed - and Mercy's shapeshifting abilities make her the perfect candidate.

But the assignment turns into a bloodbath and Mercy attracts the attention of not just a powerful vampire, but the even more powerful demon possessing him. She can count on the supernatural community for protection - and alpha werewolf Adam would like her to rely on him in other ways, too - but when it comes to being proactive, she's on her own.

So I've discovered something interesting in this re-read, I don't hate Adam as much as I did when I first read it. It's kind of like reading the series with new eyes, apparently the last book that changed my opinion of him has made me see his possessiveness and Alpha-ness in a different way. Which is a good thing because I really never liked him!

I like how you see the character's progress, especially the pack's reaction to Mercy who is unofficially Adam's mate and therefore higher ranking than everyone else. You can imagine how wolves like being outranked by a coyote. We meet some more of the pack in this book as well as the vampire seethe and some faes as well.

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Iron Kissed
Mercy Thompson enjoys being a mechanic, but life is never simple given her increasing closeness to the local werewolf pack, and her ability to change into coyote for at will. And when a member of the fae community calls in a favour, needing her skills for a covert murder investigation, she jumps into the hunt.

But the dangers multiply and she clashes with shadowed creatures of great power. When her old boss Zee is charged with a brutal assassination, Mercy finds herself fighting alone. There are those who love her, who would keep her safe, but she is wary and holds her freedom precious. Until, that is, she has nothing left to lose but her life...

This is an awesome installment into the Mercy series, her life gets thrown about like crazy in this one. One good thing is we finally get to see the outcome of the Adam/Samuel saga .... and of course, I'm not telling you what it is!

Good storyline in this one and some hard hitting stuff as well. We meet some new faes (scary faes) and Mercy finally realises some stuff about her place in the pack. I think the readers already knew what she took ages to realise but I suppose that goes with reading a lot of these types of books and learning to read between the lines.

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So that's what I think of the first three books in the series. Part 2 will have the last two and then I'll give River Marked it's own review since it's the newbie.
If you haven't already read this series or started it and then gave it up, I suggest picking it up. It's well written and entertaining.

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  1. I love re-reading books because I inevitably pick up something I missed the first time or, like you, find my thoughts and feeligns about a character changing.