Sunday, 17 July 2011

Fine Cooking Cookies by Fine Cooking Magazine

Name your cookie! Shaped, drop, bar, roll and bake, or slice and bake, they all get professional treatment and triple testing from Fine Cooking magazine, the most trusted name in cooking. This fresh batch of more than 200 amazing recipes will inspire great baking. From classic favorites like snickerdoodles and chocolate chunk to more sophisticated treats like biscotti and fruit bars, there's something for every occasion. Bakers will roll out these sweets for the holidays, for dessert, or just to fill up the cookie jar. Also includes Fine Cooking's signature style of tips and secrets from the pros, step-by-step photos to help master techniques, ingredient profiles, and shortcuts. For anyone who wants to bake like the best, Fine Cooking Cookies has all the right ingredients.

Contributors include Deborah Madison, Abby Dodge, Molly Stevens, Susie Middleton, Alice Medrich, Rose Levy Beranbaum, Nicole Rees, and Flo Braker.

Release Date 4th October 2011

So I'm not entirely sure how to go about writing a review for a recipe book. I mean, I can't possibly cook every cookie in the book before I review it ....... well I could, but it'd cost me a bit of money and I'd put on a tonne of weight!

On first quick flick through, I think I spotted about 20 or more recipes that I really want to try. I decided to go with the basic old favourite of chocolate chunk.

I feel I should mention that, although I love baking and tend to do it often, I've actually never made cookies before. So the fact that my first batch turned out perfect shows how well the recipes are written. Steps are very clearly written and, even though the weights are US, there's a conversion chart at the back. Same for the temperatures, the recipe said to put my oven at 350 when mine only goes to 200! Thankfully there's a handy little chart, lol.

This has recipes for everyone. There's bar-form, sandwiches, thick, thin, chewy, crispy and I'm pretty sure every flavour is in there. I, for one, can't wait to try some more recipes from it but for now, here's a picture of my first foray into cookie baking.

And they taste awesome!

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