Sunday, 28 August 2011

Sad Monsters: Growling on the Outside, Crying on the Inside by Frank Lesser

Monsters have it tough. Besides being deeply misunderstood, they suffer from very real problems: Mummies have body image issues, Godzilla is going through an existential crisis, and creatures from the black lagoon face discrimination from creatures from the white lagoon. At heart, these monsters are human; after all, you are what you eat. Quirkily illustrated, Sad Monsters hilariously documents the trials and tribulations of all the undead creatures monster-mad readers have grown to love, from vampires and werewolves, to chupacabras and sphinxes, and even claw-footed bathtubs.

Release Date 27 September 2011

This book has some really cute drawings and funny little stories relating to monsters and the troubles they face every day.

For instance, did you know Godzilla questions his existence every day? Or that The Abominable Snowman wants nothing more than to work in the fashion industry?

What about the fact that if you stay abstinent in your teen years you get your very own unicorn as your BFF? I never knew that could happen.

There's loads of great little short funny stories and they're all giggle worthy. The illustrations are cute and funny and go well with the stories. This is a nice wee book for a quick read, and since it's all short 2 or 3 page stories, it's a book you're able to read in between other books. You can read one or two stories then put it down and pick it back up later without worrying about getting confused.

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Amazon UK: Sad Monsters: Growling on the Outside, Crying on the Inside

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