Saturday, 6 August 2011

Spell Bound by Kelley Armstrong

Savannah Levine is in danger. That's not usually a problem. But, caught in the grip of a disturbing and violent murder case, Savannah swore to give up her unique gifts if it would save an innocent young girl. Little did she know that someone - or something - was listening ... Now she has no idea how to restore her powers, just when she needs them the most.

In this compelling, fast paced new thriller, Savannah has to face a host of deadly enemies bent on destroying not only her, but the very fabric of the supernatural world.

As dark forces gather, Savannah isn't just fighting for her life, but for everything and everyone she loves ...

You know, it seems completely pointless for me to write a review for a Kelley Armstrong book. Anyone that knows me, knows she's one of (if not my most) favourite author. It's hard for me to say anything bad about a Kelley Armstrong book, I love her writing. Kelley's books, for me, are a proper page turner. I read them all in one sitting and Spell Bound was no different. I got it through the door today, started reading it at about 12 this afternoon and have just finished it at about half 5.

This is the second to last book in the Otherworld series (nooooooooooooooooooooo) since Kelley plans on taking a break from it to focus on other projects. As much as this saddens me, I know she doesn't want to keep writing and having the series lose it's appeal (like so many other series out there). Also, she has promised it's not an end but a hiatus, she plans on writing short stories and novellas featuring the Otherworld characters so we're not completely losing them.

The 2nd in the Savannah trilogy picks up exactly where Waking The Witch left us with that horrid cliff hanger ending. Good thing is, this book doesn't end on a cliff hanger but Kelley does tease us a little in the last few pages. As is my usual for Kelley's books, I cannot wait to read the next one and I'm pretty sad that it's a whole year away!

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  1. These last three are really more of a trilogy and the second book in a trilogy is never my favorite. The first is the fantastic set up and the third is the big conclusion, but that middle part is never as satisfying for me. I do love that she's bringing back so much of the cast from the series and that we got to see something (finally)happen with a certain half-demon.