Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Country vs Country - Soul Screamers

And welcome to my second cover comparison post, I've actually found it difficult to find more Canadian covers like I did in my Otherworld post, I'm thinking poor Canada just gets stuck with the US covers.

This post we are going to compare one of my favourite YA series, Soul Screamers by Rachel Vincent.

The above image are the US covers which are alright. The US books were released quite a fair bit ahead of the UK ones and I liked the covers and was about to start buying them when Rachel Vincent posted the 1st UK cover and I thought "Nope, I'm waiting." And you're about to see why.

I mean, just look at the pretty. I think these covers are stunning! And so different from the US covers, although I have seen other country editions use the same images but for different books. So yeah, as soon as I saw these covers there was NO way I was going to buy the US ones. And the cover for My Soul To Steal (I believe) in animated on the eBook version, the butterfly moves, how awesome is that?!

So, as you can see, the UK is most definitely my favourite with this series. What about you, dear readers?

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