Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Goddess Inheritance by Aimée Carter

Love or life.
Henry or their child.
The end of her family or the end of the world.
Kate must choose.

During nine months of captivity, Kate Winters has survived a jealous goddess, a vengeful Titan and a pregnancy she never asked for. Now the Queen of the Gods wants her unborn child, and Kate can't stop her - until Cronus offers a deal.

In exchange for her loyalty and devotion, the King of the Titans will spare humanity and let Kate keep her child. Yet even if Kate agrees, he'll destroy Henry, her mother and the rest of the council. And if she refuses, Cronus will tear the world apart until every last god and mortal is dead.

With the fate of everyone she loves resting on her shoulders, Kate must do the impossible: find a way to defeat the most powerful being in existence, even if it costs her everything.

Even if it costs her eternity.

Release Date 26th February 2013

After the cliffhanger ending of Calliope knocking Kate out at the end of Goddess Interrupted, we find that it's 9 months later and Kate has been held hostage the whole time because Calliope want her baby and wants her dead. Henry and the rest of the council don't know she's missing - or do they? - and they also don't know she's preggers. Ava tells Henry just as Kate has her baby and Henry comes to her rescue but ends up getting seriously injured and, since he's unaware of the baby's existence, the baby (Milo) gets left behind. Kate is determined to get Milo back but Cronos forces her to agree to be his Queen, which she then backs down on and Cronos starts destroying cities. Kate's only chance to save Henry and Milo and the rest of the council is to actually be with Cronos - but can she actually go ahead with it?

As I mentioned in my last review of Wilde's Meadow, so many of my favourite series are ending - this one included. Although I've still to read The Goddess Legacy (book 2.5) which is several shorts from several POVs, sadly it's not available in Kindle in the UK yet (I keep hitting that "tell the publishers" link!).

I have loved this series so much - as I said in my review for The Goddess Test, the whole Greek god/goddess thing is different from what else is out there (although more god/goddess series have emerged since I read The Goddess Test). I really like Henry and Kate as well as the rest of the council (I even like Calliope to an extent - and she's a bitch!).

If you like YA with a twist then I definitely recommend picking this series up, if you haven't already. It's very well written, with great characters and well paced so you don't lose interest or get bored of action.

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Amazon UK: The Goddess Inheritance

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