Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Librarian by Logan Belle

Regina Finch, brilliant and bookish, has worked her way up to her dream job as a librarian at the Main Branch of the New York Public Library. But her discovery of the sordid sexual adventures of a rakish, young scion among the hallowed halls and sacred stacks of the library unleashes a confusing blend of repulsion and desire that threatens to consume her.

It is only through her discovery of Bettie Page — the world’s most popular ingenue-turned-fetish-model—and Page's own sexual awakening that Regina can hope to discover her sexual prowess and seduce the man she loves.

Release Date 27th November 2012

Regina start at the New York Public Library and walks in on a dude having sex with a chick, she's appalled that someone would do this in a library. Turns out the dude is Sebastian Barnes, who just happens to be the head of a committee that Regina's just been roped onto. Sebastian introduces Regina to the world of Doms and Subs - Regina surprises herself by liking it. She learns about Bettie Page and gets empowered to let her sexuality come forward.

Hmmm, what to say about this book. The lead up to the story (virgin girl, meets rich guy that wants to Dominate her, rich guy gets angry that she's a virgin) reminded me VERY much of (the little I read of) the dreaded 50 shades book. Thankfully this book actually turns out to be well written and good (unlike the afore mentioned 50 shades!), since I never finished it, I have no idea if the similarity stops there or continues.

Sebastian sounds yummy, and I have to admit there's something about Dominant males that gets me excited! So, of course, I loved him. Regina was a wee bit less likeable but still connectible as a heroine, the little you see of her mother makes you feel sorry for her having to live with such a nuisance her whole life and you can completely understand why she left home and why she seems so sheltered - her mother seems a little like Carrie's mother (you know Carrie, right? Stephen King? Yes? Good) and that it may be her fault that Regina doesn't seem to even know the basics about sex or relationships. One thing about Regina is she seems to be the jealous type and also a little petty but I forgave her for the little shows of pettiness that we see.

If you're a fan of erotica and, particularly, Dom/sub based erotica then I think this is a book you may want to read. I loved it and didn't want to put it down - which is the first time I've felt that way about a book in a while.

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