Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Irish Kisses by Ella Grey

Abby Smith and Seth O'Connor might live in the same city but their paths have never crossed. It takes a murder to bring them together and fate to keep them there.
Abby has been thrown off the biggest case of the century because it suddenly got too personal. Her best friend and fellow lawyer Dawn Philips is brutally murdered and the witnesses are running scared. Then a man, saying that he was hired by Dawn before her murder, gives her a folder. There's a witness, the only problem is she's in Ireland.

Seth O'Connor never expected to meet a woman like Abby on the plane to the country of his birth. A passionate encounter between them leaves him wanting more. Then he ends up saving her life and realises that he can't say goodbye to the beautiful redhead and he doesn't want to either.

Abby's best friend was murdered while investigating a big crime boss and when Abby gets thrown off the case by her boss, she hates to think of her murderer getting away. So when a PI gives her information on the case, she jumps on a plane to Ireland, where she meets sexy cop, Seth. They have a hot quickie in the toilets and then Abby goes her separate way in the morning when the plane lands but when the same crime boss sends someone after her and Seth saves her life, she realises she's not entirely safe. Seth stays with her to help her with the case but also to get to know her better - more sexiness ensues.

I liked both leads in this, but then I do have a soft spot for strong leading women and Abby was just that. She knew what she wanted and she wasn't scared to get it - in this case, Seth. I usually hate insta-love in books but the whole point in this series is cupid inflicting insta-love on people so I can agree with it here.

This is the 6th in the Cupid's Conquests series from Evernight Publishing and as fun as the story was, the editing in this story was so bad that it completely threw me off. It kept pulling me out of the story - which I can't stand. And I do realise the editing isn't all the author's fault but some blame has to fall on their heads.

Evernight Publishing: Irish Kisses
Amazon UK: Irish Kisses

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