Friday, 11 January 2013

Midnight Moon by Marilee Brothers

The Trimarks are planning an invasion. And the only thing standing in their way is Allie and the moonstone.

All Allie wants is a normal life - friends, boys, school dances. Right. Like that's going to happen.

In two weeks, during the summer solstice, Allie's going to face the biggest challenge of her life, fighting against time to save the world from a Trimark invasion. You'd think the world of weird might leave her alone to plan how she's going to survive. But nothing in Allie's world is simple or easy, especially when she's attacked by Trimarks trying to steal the moonstone. Then Sammie disappears into the faery world of Boundless, and Allie must follow and bring her home, only to find the fairy queen, Luminata, isn't about to let Allie leave. So, what's a girl with magical powers supposed to do?

Fortunately, she has a team to help her, a team with special talents of their own.

Allie has a very short period of time to come up with a plan to stop the Trimarks from invading earth and unleashing their evil. She also has boyfriend blues with Junior and old feelings for Beck ...... definitely the least of her troubles. As if coming up with a plan wasn't bad enough she gets tricked by Luminata into going to Boundless but comes up with a plan with Luminata's mother to help her get out of her deal, but she also loses Sammie to her faery family. She needs a miracle to happen before the summer solstice.

This is the fifth book (and I believe the last?) in the Unbidden Magic series and, despite it's rocky start with me, I love it. I really enjoyed this series - the characters and the world that Brothers created is fantastic. Allie's mum started off annoying but has became a great character for some light relief, and thankfully the whole everyone-falling-in-love-with-Allie thing didn't last and by the end of this book, everyone is happy with who they're with.

Highly recommended YA series from me, don't miss it.

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