Thursday, 14 April 2011

My first video post

So this is the reason why I was having a wee shoofty through my books. I'm thinking of starting up video book reviews but just trying to see if they'd be liked or not. Please have a wee peek at my video and like it if you'd like to see more reviews done this way.


  1. Video reviews are becoming quite popular, so I say try a few and see how it goes!

    My book's video review is up on Amazon UK. It was kind of fun.

    And I love your accent.

  2. I liked it for variety. And, I'm with you, I love the UK covers. They're almost always better than ours. And, of course, I love your shout out to the Rebel Queen, Julie. :)

  3. I always love hearing your voice!
    I hope you do keep up with the vlog, it's a nice addition.

  4. I'm in the minority. I dislike audio reviews. I hope you won't completely convert to video reviews. Once in a while I can deal with, I'll just ignore them and go elsewhere for a written review of that book. Yeah I know, not very helpful of me but it's my preference.