Thursday, 14 April 2011

Oldest book in my collection (I think)

So I was having a wee shoofty through my books earlier (you'll see why in my next post) and I came across the following book. I believe it to be the oldest book I own, in the published sense but also in the sense of how long I've owned it.

It's a book called Carbonel by Barbara Sleigh. Look at the state of that cover? I've obviously owned this from before I realised how horrific it was to damage books.

Oh yeah, and apparently I thought it was OK to vandalise books as well. Look at that writing? So childish, lol.

Ok, so according to this picture, I've owned this book since at least 1991. So the reason the writing is so childish is because I was only 9. Actually 8, since it was August!
Why was I writing the dates in my books? I was playing libraries with my friends, I believe. There's a chance I've owned this book for longer. I honestly don't know.

So to my knowledge, this is my oldest books ~ in both senses.
What's the oldest book in your collection? Either the one you've owned the longest or the oldest published book?


  1. The oldest book on my keeper shelf is Hearts Aflame by Johanna Lindsey, published in 1987. It's still one of my favorites. The spine is so worn it automatically opens to all the "good parts." ;)

  2. I wish I still had a book from my childhood - It was called The Little Witch and I loved it! Sometime over the years it got lost - I wish I had taken better care of it.

    Now the oldest book in my collection is actually a collection of first edition Anne Rice Vampire books (all signed).

  3. OK, the oldest one in my current collection is The Wombles by Elizabeth Beresford. Published in 1968. (My Dad picked up the collection when I was born in 1975.)

  4. I loved this post Julie. It's so great to see you've kept a book from your childhood and such fond memories because it looks like that book's been through a lot!
    I have a set of books from 1926 which is when they were published, but I've only read parts of them, there are 26 in all. History of the world books, alas not really my cuppa tea but something my dad picked up at a flea market for 10 cents a book 40 years ago and somehow I ended up with them. :)

  5. Oh man, I have no idea. All of my oldest books are still in Ohio with my parents and I honestly have no idea which one I've had the longest. I keep 99.9999999% of my books so I have a ton.