Sunday, 24 April 2011

Summer's almost here

Yes, it's not a book review but I decided I'd write this to try and remind people that their pets can suffer in the warm weather, just the same as us.

If you're taking your dog on a walk to the beach or the park because the weather's lovely. Remember to carry fresh water for your pooch to drink so they don't become overheated. Just because they're running around having fun doesn't mean they're not burning up, hyperthermia (heatstroke) is a big worry and can be fatal. These things are great, they have the drinking trough attached so you don't need to carry a seperate bowl and you don't have to worry about the water leaking.

If you decide you need to pop into the shop and leave the dog in the car, even if you park in the shade and think "I'll only be 2 minutes", leave the windows open. And more than just a crack! I hate walking by cars and there's a dog inside with the windows either closed or open the tiniest little bit. Another great thing to get a hold of if you have a dog is this. Pop them in the gap of your window, stops your dog from escaping and also gives a bit of security.
Or, even better, don't leave your dog in the car at all. Think ahead, if you need to go into a shop or somewhere then leave your dog at home.

If you have a white or light coloured pet or a pet with white/light ears or nose, then apply sun cream before leaving the house. They can get sun burn just the same as we can. You can use any non-toxic waterproof sun block or get a specific Pet Sunscreen.

Make sure rabbits and guinea pigs have somewhere shady to go if they're running about. Also make sure they always have access to fresh water.
A big problem with rabbits in the summer is something called Fly Strike. This occurs if the hutch and rabbit aren't kept clean. Rabbits generally look after themselves but in the summer get into the habit of checking their rear ends for dirt and make sure to keep them clean.

Have fun with your pets in the summer but remember to be safe!

The black and white pets photo and the photo of the dog in the car came from 123rf, royalty free stock photos.
The rest of the photos are my personal pictures of my own pets.


  1. Solid post night and a good one to remember. One thing I always do is open the water at home and add some ice cubes. Keeps it cooler longer, and to be honest if I was doing a long journey, I have a chiller with drinks for me and the pets in.

    Other than that think of them as kids, if you have a sunshade add it tot he car for the pet. They don't cost the earth and it can make a real difference to keep them out of the sun.

  2. I love the water pic of the dogs. I have two dogs and a kitten, so this is a great post to read, and some important advice. I always think of them as family so they get treated almost the same. They are a blessing to enjoy and have in our lives. Thanks for sharing this Julie...loved the post! :)