Friday, 28 October 2011

Last Breath by Rachel Caine

Claire Danvers is concerned when three vampires vanish from Morganville without a trace. The last person seen with them is someone new to town - a mysterious individual named Magnus. Claire is convinced creepy Magnus isn't human ... but is he a vampire, or something else entirely?

Claire's hunt for answers leads her to solving another mystery that's long been puzzling her: why do vampires live so far out in a sunny desert when they're sensitive to sunlight? The answer has nothing to do with sunlight, but with water - and an ancient enemy who has finally found a way to invade the vampires' landlocked community. Vampires aren't the top predators on earth. There's something worse that preys on them ... something much worse. Which means if Claire, and Morganville, want to live, they will have to fight on to the last breath ...

Book eleven and still loving it. This book has several voices, including Amelie, Michael and Eve. I discovered I liked Amelie's voice, she's very regal and thinks about how everything might affect Morganville. Even though some of the choices she makes seem weird and wrong, they're for the good of the town and keeping the peace.

This book has one particularly shocking section that I was not expecting and, as is the norm for Rachel Caine's books, there are several small shocks in the book too. One thing I really enjoy is getting into Shane's head more and finding out exactly how he really feels about Claire. It's silly but I feel protective of Claire, we've read her growing up and seen all the hardships she's had.

The UK version also had a free short story called Anger Management which is set between Bite Club and Last Breath and focuses on Shane going to a Founder-mandated Counsellor instead of jail. It was very short and I do really enjoy Shane so that's a huge bonus!

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