Wednesday, 12 October 2011

My Lunatic Life by Sharon Sala

Tara Luna's life is complicated enough without moving to a new town during her senior year. How can she tell yet another set of new classmates that she talks to ghosts? How can she introduce them to Henry and Millicent, the ghost-couple who've watched over since childhood? And should she mention that she and her Uncle Pat have moved into a house haunted by a dead teen girl, who is already bugging Tara for help solving her murder?

So this is book one in a new series, called Lunatic Life. The cover is a tad cheesy and overly colourful but it was the story that interested me. I find I'm less cover-judgey on e-books than I am on real books.

I liked Luna, her attitude to the cheerleaders is funny. Although since she moves all the time, she has to have a good way of dealing with the bullies.

I think one thing that bugged with this book (and a lot of YAs) is how quickly a romance builds up between two characters. The book is only about 90 pages long, so I get that if something happens, it doesn't exactly have a lot of time to build up. But since this book is the first in a series, I felt that the romance could have been paced a bit better.

Definitely worth a read, it's cute and funny plus it's a nice wee read.

Book Depository: My Lunatic Life
Amazon UK: My Lunatic Life

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