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Let It Snow ...... by Leslie Kelly & Jennifer LaBrecque

The Prince Who Stole Christmas by Leslie Kelly

Between her ne'er-do-well brother and her candy shop, Claire Hoffman has her hands full. But when sexy sparks start flying between Claire and her gorgeous but enigmatic tenant "Phil", Claire wonders if all the chocolate has made her a little Christmas crazy. But what will happen to her fantasy when her dishy fling tells her that, er...he's actually a prince?

My True Love Gave to Me... by Jennifer LaBrecque

Years ago in the town of Good Riddance, Alaska, Gertie and Knox were best friends — until Knox fell under the "spell" of a rather cold, remote woman. But three years later, Knox and Gertie are reunited at the Chrismoose festival ... and all it takes is a snowed-in night in a cabin for Gertie to turn Knox's chill into a red-hot blaze of sexstasy!

Release Date 1st November 2012

So this book is a complete step away from what I usually read. I like paranormal and urban fantasy/romance, I think this book is classed as erotica? I'm totally not up on my book genres though, so I really have no idea what it's classed as - I think it's erotica though 'cos there was a big emphasis on the sex and that, to me, is what defines erotica. So there!

The Prince Who Stole Christmas
Philip must find a woman he wants to marry to become his princess or he'll be forced to marry someone picked out for him. He has one month in New York to find his soul mate - how handy for him that she happens to own the building that he rents 2 apartments in? Claire runs a candy shop out of the building her uncle left her, her brother gets into gambling debt and, behind her back, rents 2 of the uninhabitable apartments upstairs and since Claire can't exactly afford to give back the money that Philip paid her brother, she has to live with it. Before long, they develop feelings for one another and can't ignore the heat between them.

Loved this one, Philip was nummy and Claire was instantly loveable. I think Claire's lazy, gambler brother made her more likeable 'cos you knew she had to put up with all his crap. And Philip is the typical Prince Charming, he's tall and handsome and wants to take care of Claire. Of course this involved trying to make sure loan shark thugs don't try and threaten Claire over her brother's debts.
I think one of my favourite parts in this one was the fact that it's Claire's brother that makes everything happen. And it's also her brother that talks her into going with Philip when the whole truth comes out.
Plus the sex is ....... well, it's just delicious! Literally - there's chocolate involved!

My True Love Gave To Me...
Gertie and Knox have been best buds since Knox moved in with his grandmother at age 9, so when he turns round years later and tells Gertie that his current girlfriend isn't happy with the time they spend together, he breaks her heart. It's at that time that Gertie realised she loves Knox but she doesn't think she knows him anymore so she stays back from him. A year and a half later they are both at Chrismoose and see each other for the first time since the fateful night, it's at this time that Knox realises that he loves Gertie.

At the beginning of this story, I totally agreed with Gertie that Knox was being pushed around by his girlfriend and he was letting her. By the end I saw Knox's point of view as well. I'm just glad they both synced up and finally seen what the other was feeling.
Hated Knox's girlfriend but she turned out not to be his girlfriend anymore so it's all good. She was a typical pretty bitchy character, she changed Knox from the beginning and that's what distanced him and Gertie.
Sex between 2 long-time friends could be awkward but Knox and Gertie's managed to be tasty. I think the whole knowing someone that well can most definitely help when it comes to seducing them .... it certainly worked for these two.

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