Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs

Anna Latham hasn't had an easy life. Turned into a werewolf against her will and forced into a life of servitude, she'd do anything to break free from her pack. So when Charles takes on her pack's Alpha, Anna finally has a chance to escape.
But now Anna's rescuer is the one who needs help. Hikers are dying and all signs point to a werewolf that's gone rogue. An injured Charles can't handle the investigation alone and soon Anna is in way over her head. Few things more dangerous than a rogue wolf, and Anna is about to find out just what they are ...

I know I already said it in the On the Prowl review but I really really love Anna and Charles. I wish I'd read these books before I read the Mercy Thompson series because the Alphas don't seen as bad in this, or maybe it was just Adam I didn't like. I don't know ... anyway Cry Wolf. Definitely worth a read, I like the Omega aspect and how everyone reacts to Anna, also how that reaction makes Brother Wolf (Charles' wolf) react to them.
Anna had a bad start as a werewolf and it takes her a while to trust Charles but Patricia Briggs writes amazingly well and with really lets you get into their heads. It's great getting both their thoughts on the matters and you can't help (well I couldn't) shouting at them in your mind that they're both thinking the same things and if they just spoke to one another they'd move forward so much quicker. But, that's why we read books, it wouldn't be nearly as much fun if the whole story was sorted out in the first chapter. Anna meets someone who knows more about Omegas and helps him, in turn he helps them with the big showdown.
Rating 5/5

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  1. Hmmm I actually found the Alpahs in this books a mixed bag, some likable , some not. But then, I'm an Adam fan. :)

    BTW, I have a hard time reading your blog. The dark red font on the black background makes the font practically invisible. I have to hihglight the font to read it.

  2. I changed the colour. Any better?

    As I already said on Kelley's board, I was never a huge Adam fan.