Monday, 24 January 2011

Thin Air by Rachel Caine


Joanne Baldwin has had better days - at least she hopes she has. After waking up naked and freezing in a forest, she's located by two rescuers she doesn't recognise at all. One supernaturally gorgeous guy might have been her lover. The other says he can control the weather ... and so can she.

Not everyone looking for Joanne has her best interests at heart, and with no way to tell friend from foe, Joanne is quickly lost in a fog of deception. Her tenuous hold on life is fading with every passing moment. Now she must rebuild herself, one memory at a time, before someone else steals her life - and she disappears into thin air. Oh, and along the way, it seems she has to save the world...

Book six of the Weather Warden series. Previous books are Ill Wind, Heat Stroke, Chill Factor, Windfall and Firestorm.

Joanne wakes up in a forest; cold, naked and with no memory, Lewis and David find her but she also has no clue who they are. As they try to work out how to get her memories back, Vanna (Alice) takes her away to Vegas where she promptly gets arrested and has to be bailed out. Unfortunately she gets bailed out by the last people on earth she'd want to bail her out, if only she could remember them. The key to getting her memory back is Ashan, but he's in hiding after being stripped of his Djinn-hood. At the same time she must save the world from the demon who is trying to take over her life.

The great thing with this story was Joanne's memory loss, because of course we know she who she shouldn't be trusting but she just won't listen no matter how much I tell her! Although she does get to meet and fall in love with David all over again which is a nice thing. And with a new power to boot! She's now a triple threat like Lewis, although she has no control over either Fire or Earth power since they're still new to her, but technically so is Weather since she can't remember ever learning it.

I love Rachel Caine's writing so much and what's bugging me so much is that this book is the last one available in UK covers so far. There's no news on the publisher's website as to when the next one is being released. So, since I refuse to buy the US cover and wreck my collection, I'm going to have to find another way to read the rest of the series. 'Cause I most definitely want to read the rest of the series!

As should you!

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Amazon UK: Thin Air

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